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Help me with these systems

I'm not willing to give you the entire solutions, because they look like homework questions, but since they are quite difficult I'll give you the outline on how to solve them.

2) Use the substitution a=x2+2y+1, into the top equation.
Rearrange and square to get rid of the root, and get a quadratic in a.
Solve to get a value (or values) for x2+2y+1.
Substitute the bottom equation to get rid of the y and get a quadratic for x.

3) Very similar to 2, I'll let you work out the details.

4) Simply square the top equation.
Rearrange to get rid of the denominator, you should have a quadratic expression in x and y, which factorizes.
Substitute the solution into the bottom equation to get another quadratic in x (or y) and solve.

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