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#1 2018-10-10 00:42:10

Βεν Γ. Κυθισ
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Who am I,Βεν Γ. Κυθισ?

My first name is Benjamin, and if you are able to read ancient Greek, you could find out my last name. I like to do stuff sometimes. I like to playz the gamez (who doesn't?). I like to program; I like to use Python, Lua, and Scratch to code my stuff. I like to think of stories that almost always connect somehow to this huge complex megastory that I haven't finished yet (and no, I haven't uploaded any of my stories yet). I like to play around with physics simulators like The Powder Toy and Algodoo. I think about math a lot (which explains my presence on the Math is Fun fourm). I also go outside sometimes.


#2 2018-10-10 00:46:17

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Re: Who am I,Βεν Γ. Κυθισ?

Hi Benjamin,

Welcome to the forum!


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