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#1 2019-01-28 05:24:17

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Geometry Help! geometric elements

Please help!

1. If I have two points, A and B, name at least four geometric elements u can create with only the two points. (For example, the name of a line through points X and Y would be written ln_XY.)

You do need 4 names such as ln_XY.  (Hint:  You are not looking for 4 different kinds of elements, just 4 different elements that are named.)

my answer, AB; In_AB;  Is_AB;  ry_AB

my teacher response -" You have all 3 types of elements, but only 4 of the names:  ln_AB, ls_AB, ry_AB.  (The points are already given.)"

So I'm guessing it has to be an angle or plane because thats the only other geometric element that I've learned.

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