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#1 2018-02-08 09:26:34

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Are these any good?

So I've seen a few of these sites for Algebra like:

Math papa
Study Pug

I would love to get some extra help right now but I'm not sure if these sites are trust worthy. I'm currently developing a robust employee payroll scheduling software so need to brush up on my coding and math skills.

Has anyone tried them? I don't mind paying for them with an excel invoice or something.

Also please PM if you are offering like Skype or online lessons. Just need to improve my Algebra and get my credits. As an hotel seo specialist, I'm a big fan of math.

I can pay you by a paypal invoice or some kind of excel template is fine as well. Overall though, I have a good feeling about learning online because when I took a few classes on teeth whitening, it was quite fun and informative. Heck I even learned about teeth chipping which was totally a surprise.

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#2 2018-02-08 20:42:49

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Re: Are these any good?

hi ericnumberking

I don't have any direct experience of these so I've had a look at each.  Study Pug has some free lessons so you could trial it yourself. 

How did you arrive at this forum?  Maybe you bypassed our very own teaching pages.  The owner of the site, MathsIsFun, himself,  has  written a large number of maths help pages.  They cover most topics up to calculus and each page is cross linked to related pages.  There are many interactive lessons and all are written in an easy to follow style with clear diagrams and explanations.  At the bottom of each page you will find a set of multi-choice questions to test your understanding.  As an retired teacher I think these pages are excellent!  And they're completely FREE.  So before you commit money to any on-line course, why not try out MIF's own material.

Start here:

And you can also ask for help from members of the forum. smile


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#3 2019-03-20 23:32:55

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Re: Are these any good?

I'm have developed a robust employee software as well. [admin note: advertising is against forum rules] The difference is that I have already finished it and currently still on support with the company. I don't offer any lesson but as a matter of fact, I have few questions:

1. What programming language were you using?
2. Have you mastered that programming language?

You don't need to master algebra, the formulas were already in the Internet. You have to master a programming language! If that scheduling Software is web based, then you will have a problem!


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