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#1 2013-01-21 08:29:24

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The Pythagoran Theorem

So, I went to a British tutoring site and found out about the Pythagoran Theorem problems.

Here is the Pythagoran Theorem itself:

And following that rule, you would do a problem like this:

1. Take 2 numbers, 1 being larger than the other. For example, 12 and 13.
2. Square them.

3. Subtract one from the other. 169-144=25
4. Find the square root of it. [math25=5[/math]

Therefore, the final formula would be:

^ <Latex fixed by moderator.  Some symbols cannot be copied from ordinary text.  Bob>

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#2 2013-01-21 10:10:57

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Re: The Pythagoran Theorem


Your latex is breaking up.

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#3 2013-01-21 10:17:47

bob bundy
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Re: The Pythagoran Theorem


He just used the wrong thing for square root in Latex.  I've fixed it.


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