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#1 2013-05-03 22:10:22

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What I consider to be a great website

I fulfill that this is the #1 website that I am looking for. But, will it be the website I'm looking for?

1. I should be able to register.
1.1. I should have my own username.
1.2. I should receive my confirmation.
1.3. I should not re - enter my password. Many don't have this.
1.4. If there is a birthdate, I should be able to register. No saying of 13+ requirement.
1.5. I don't like typing my parent's email, so, don't give me too childish stuff, e.g. Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters.
2. The elements are nice.

3. I should create something here, e.g. a thread or a game.
3.1. (optional) Limitations should be per week or per month.

4. There should be no upgrades.

5. Depending on the background of the site, there should be smileys.
5.1. When I type, let's say, smile:), that should be 2 smileys.

(Facebook doesn't have rule 5.1)

6. Spell checker should be up to date. New words come every year, you know! up

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