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More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)

[b]More Questions:[/b]
How many grues does it take to screw in a light bulb?
  A. Don't go on unless you've asked WHAT IS A GRUE?
  B. You could break a bulb, then hide and watch what happens.
  C. None. Grues are terrified of light.

Where do I find a machete?
     There is none. The game must have _some_ limitations. You can't expect
     to walk to the nearest airport and fly to London to see the British

How do I cross the mountains?
     Play ZORK II.

How do I kill the songbird?
     What a concept! You need a psychiatrist.

Is the nest useful for anything?
  A. In China you might make bird's nest soup.
  B. This is not China.
  C. In other words, no.

How do I open the egg without damaging it?
  A. _You_ don't.
  B. Have you tried saying OPEN EGG?
  C. It takes a great deal of manual dexterity and the proper tools.
  D. Someone else in the game can do it.
  E. Only the Thief can open the egg. Give it to him or leave it underground
     where he will find it.

How do I fix the broken canary?
  A. It is broken beyond repair.
  B. No one can fix it. Really!

Are the leaves useful for anything?
  A. They're great for hiding gratings.
  B. They can be taken, counted, or burned.

How do I open the grating?
  A. You must unlock it.
  B. You need the skeleton key.
  C. It can be unlocked only from below.
  D. The grating and key can be found in the Maze.

How do I get off the roof of the house?
  A. How did you get up there?
  B. Someone from Infocom would love to hear how you did it.
  C. This is one of those questions which was put in here for the sole
     purpose of teaching a lesson -- do not use the presence or absence of a
     question on a certain topic as an indication of what is important, and
     don't assume that long answers indicate important questions.

Once I have the canary in an undamaged state, what do I do with it?
  A. Something is attracted to its singing.
  B. It is also a treasure.
  C. Try winding it in the forest.

How do I get the brass bauble?
  A. You must open the egg first.
  B. See the previous question.

How do I open the front door?
  A. It cannot be knocked down.
  B. It cannot be destroyed.
  C. It cannot be opened.

How do I get into the house?
  A. Have you checked all sides?
  B. There's a window in the back which is partly open. Open it and climb

Can I eat the lunch?
     Try it. Try the water, too. You can't be afraid to try _anything_ in
     ZORK I (but it may make sense to SAVE your state first).

How do I get into the dungeons?
  A. The entrance is in the house.
  B. Trapdoors can be hidden.
  C. Move the rug.

What is a grue?
     Ask ZORK I.

Can the trapdoor be opened from below?
     No. The only way to keep the trapdoor from closing behind you is to
     find another exit (other than the chimney, which is very limited).

How do I get up the ramp in the Cellar?
  A. "The ramp is too slippery to climb."
  B. Is there a way to make it less slippery?
  C. No. You won't ever get up the ramp.

How do I negotiate with the Troll?
  A. Trolls tend not to be conversational. They require a much more direct
  B. You won't get past the Troll while he is conscious.
  C. Kill him with the sword.

What do I do with the axe?
  A. It can be used as a weapon, but isn't really necessary for anything.
  B. +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |              >>This space intentionally left blank.<<               |

Does the paint in the studio mean anything?
     The artist was sloppy.

How do I get through the Maze?
  A. It is essential that you make a map of the Maze.
  B. All ten directions are used: N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW, UP and DOWN.
  C. Some passages lead back to the same room.
  D. Rooms can be marked by dropping objects. (However, the Thief can be a
  E. There are 22 rooms west of the Troll Room.

What do I do with the rusty knife?
  A. If you had your sword when you took it, the pulse of blinding light
     should have served as a warning.
  B. Try throwing the knife or attacking someone with it.

What do I do with the skeleton?
  A. Let the dead rest in peace.
  B. +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |              >>This space intentionally left blank.<<               |

Can I use the broken lantern?
     If you think it's useful, there's this bridge you might be interested

How do I get past the Cyclops?
  A. Fighting isn't always the answer.
  B. There are two solutions. The alternate begins at F.
  C. What happens if you hang around too long, or give something to the
  D. He's hungry, isn't he?
  E. Feed him the lunch and water.
  F. Do you remember your mythology?
  G. Take a very close look at the commandment in the black book.
  H. The Cyclops is scared silly of the name of his father's nemesis,
     ODYSSEUS (first letter of each line in commandment -- some computer
     screens are narrow and make this more difficult to see). The Latin
     version of the name, ULYSSES, is also accepted.
  I. For fun, try saying ODYSSEUS elsewhere.

How do I get the platinum bar?
  A. For ZORK I releases (revisions) 1 through 14, the only solution to this
     problem begins at G. For ZORK I releases 15 on, there are two
     solutions -- the preferred solution begins at B, the alternate at G.
  B. What is causing the loud roar?
  C. Is there a way to control the flow of water?
  D. Solve the puzzle of the dam.
  E. Does opening or closing the dam gates affect anything downstream?
  F. Open the dam gates. Wait until the reservoir is empty, then close the
     gates. Take advantage of the silence in the Loud Room while the
     reservoir refills.
  G. This solution to the Loud Room requires no object or information from
     elsewhere in the game.
  H. The solution has something to do with the room's acoustics.
  I. What happens whenever you say something?  >something?<  >>something?<<
  J. Type ECHO.

How do I kill the rock?
  A. How silly!
  B. The term "living rock" is metaphorical, and should not be taken

Is there anything special about the mirror?
  A. Breaking it is not a good idea.
  B. Looking into it can be fun.
  C. Did you ever try touching or rubbing it?
  D. There are two Mirror Rooms. Touching the mirror in one transports you
     to the other.

How do I enter Hades?
  A. You must exorcise the evil spirits.
  B. For a hint, turn the page in the black book.
  C. It requires the bell, book and candles.
  D. Ring the bell, light the candles, and read the black book.
  E. The order in which you perform the ceremony is very important. Also,
     you must be holding the candles when you light them. Speed is of the
     essence, too -- don't waste any more time than is necessary between

Can I get anywhere from the Dome Room?
  A. Yes. It is likely that you have seen the necessary equipment.
  B. It is found in the Attic.
  C. Tie the rope to the railing.

Can I go up from the Torch Room?

How do I get out of the Temple area?
  A. You'll never reach the rope.
  B. You can leave from the altar end by going down, but "you haven't a
     prayer of getting the coffin down that hole."
  C. Or solve the puzzle of the granite walls.
  D. The altar has magical powers. What is usually done at altars?
  E. Try praying.

How do I blow up the dam?
  A. What a concept!
  B. +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |              >>This space intentionally left blank.<<               |

How is the control panel operated?
  A. You can turn the bolt.
  B. You need the wrench.
  C. You must activate the panel. (Green bubble lights up.)

What is the green bubble for?
     It indicates that the control panel is activated. Use the buttons in
     the Maintenance Room.

What do I do with the object which looks like a tube of toothpaste?
  A. Read the tube.
  B. Brushing your teeth with it is not sensible.
  C. It doesn't oil the bolt well.
  D. Gooey gunk like this is good for patching leaks in water pipes or

What is the screwdriver for?
     You'll know when the time comes.

What do the buttons in the Maintenance Room do?
  A. Try them all. You should be able to find out.
  B. The blue button causes a water pipe to burst.
  C. The red button turns the lights on and off.
  D. The yellow button activates the control panel at the dam. (The green
     bubble is now glowing.)
  E. The brown bubble [sic] deactivates the control panel.

Can I stop the leak?
  A. Yes, but not with your finger.
  B. Isn't there some sort of glop you could apply?
  C. Use the gunk in the tube.

What is the pile of plastic good for?
  A. What is the valve for?
  B. Did you try blowing into it?
  C. You need the air pump, which is north of the Reservoir.
  D. Solve the dam problem, or figure out the mirror.

Can the river be crossed?
     Not without a boat.

What will placate the River God?
  A. What have you tried to throw into the river?
  B. There is no River God. Anything thrown in is lost forever.

How do I get back from across the river?
  A. If you launch the boat from Sandy Beach, you can cross the river to the
     west to White Cliffs South.
  B. It is also possible to cross the rainbow.

How do I control the boat?
  A. Read the label.
  B. You can say BOARD (or GET IN), DISEMBARK (or GET OUT), LAUNCH, and LAND
     (or a direction towards a landing area). You can also let the current
     carry you.

How do I carry a pointy object onto the boat?
     Pointy objects can puncture a plastic boat. You should not carry them
     on. Put them in the boat before boarding or put them into a container,
     such as the brown sack, first.

How do I go over the falls?
  A. Just stay in the boat and wait.
  B. Well, what did you expect?
  C. "I see no intelligence here."
  D. By the way, have you ever taken a close look at the word ARAGAIN?

What is the significance of the rainbow?
  A. You can cross it and get the pot of gold.
  B. You do not click your heels together three times while saying "There's
     no place like home."
  C. The description of one of the treasures, and the result of manipulating
     it properly were meant to be subtle hints.
  D. Raise or wave the sceptre while standing at the end of the rainbow.

How do I get through the crack in the Damp Cave?
  A. "It's too narrow for most insects."
  B. You don't.

How do I turn myself into an insect?
  A. Build a cocoon?
  B. Not bloody likely.

What do I do about the bat?
  A. It's a vampire bat.
  B. Have you never watched an old horror movie?
  C. Use the garlic.

How do I get beyond the Smelly Room?
     If your lantern battery is dead, forget it.

How do I find my way through the coal mine?
     I would think you were an expert maze-mapper by now.

Is the basket on the chain useful?
     Anything that complex in ZORK I is useful.

How do I get through the narrow passage from the Timber Room?
  A. "You cannot fit through this passage with that load."
  B. Did you try dropping everything?

What source of light can I bring into the Drafty Room?
  A. Matches.
  B. (Well, no one said they would work in a draft.) You can't carry a light
     source in. There is another way.
  C. Why might the room be drafty?
  D. Did you ever wonder where the shaft with the basket led?
  E. Objects, including light sources, can be placed in the basket. The
     basket can be lowered and raised.

What is the timber for?
     It makes the room more interesting and the adventurer more confused.

How do I use the machine?
  A. The switch description should remind you of something.
  B. Try putting something inside and turning the machine on with the
     screwdriver. Have a dictionary handy.
  C. You can make a diamond from coal.

What is meant by the "Granite Wall" in the Slide Room?
     Evidently the ancient Zorkers did not have strong truth-in-advertising
     laws. Take nothing for granite.

Is the coal good for anything?
  A. It is a source of carbon.
  B. One of the most valuable gems is made of carbon.
  C. Diamonds are pure carbon in crystalline form. They are created under
     tremendous heat and pressure.

Is the gas of any use?
     It's great for blowing up dim-witted adventurers who wander into a coal
     mine with an open flame.

How do I cross the chasm?
     There's no bridge.

How do I build a bridge?
  A. An interesting idea...
  B. The timber might be useful.
  C. But then again, maybe not.
  D. A valiant attempt, but this is getting you nowhere.

Why doesn't the magic word "plugh" work in the land beyond the chasm?
  A. "A hollow voice says Fool."
  B. Should nonsense words work anywhere in ZORK I?
  C. Remember the warning in the introduction. Do not let the presence or
     absence of questions, or the lengths of the answers, influence your

After the meteor strike activates the long-dormant volcano and destroys the
bridge, how do I get back across the chasm?
     Whew! (That might actually be an interesting addition to the game.)

Why does the sword glow?
     Elvish swords are magical, and glow with a blue light when dangers
     (particularly dangerous beings) are near.

What do I do about the Thief?
  A. Discretion is the better part of valor.
  B. You can almost always avoid a confrontation by walking away. Although
     you may be robbed, at least you won't be killed.

How many points are there in the game?
     350. Any time you say QUIT, RESTART, or SCORE, this is pointed out.

How do I get out of the dungeons?
  A. There are six exits.
  B. The chimney will allow you to carry one object at a time in addition to
     your lamp.
  C. Once you find an exit other than the chimney, the trapdoor will not
     close behind you.
  D. Probably the easiest exit (conceptually) is by way of the grating. You
     will probably come across the other three exits while solving some of
     the harder problems, but it is not necessary to find more than one to
     complete the game.

What is the significance of all the engravings?
     The knowledgeable critic, I. Q. Roundhead, wrote a ten-volume study of
     the engravings of the ancient Zorkers. To make a long story short, he
     concluded that the Zorkers were very strange people.

How do I kill the Thief?
  A. The Thief is a cunning and dangerous opponent, skilled in the martial
     arts. Novice Zorkers would do well to avoid him.
  B. It is possible to distract him for one move by giving him something of
  C. The nasty knife is a marginally more effective weapon to use against
  D. As you gain in points, you become a better match.

How can I recharge my lamp?
  A. What makes you think you can?
  B. It is always best to conserve resources. You can prolong its life by
     turning it off whenever you can and using alternate light sources.

What happens when you die in ZORK I?
  A. You may appear in the forest with your belongings scattered (valuables
     below ground, nonvaluables above).
  B. You may wander as a spirit until you find a way to resurrect yourself.
  C. ZORK I is as fair as baseball. Three strikes and you're out.
  D. You become a spirit if you have visited a certain location before
  E. The location is the altar in the South Temple.
  F. Try praying at the altar.

Who is "the Other Occupant?"
  A. "He of the large bag."
  B. The Thief, of course.

How do I go over the falls without killing myself?
     Why not ask, "How do I cut off my head without killing myself?"

Where is HELLO SAILOR useful?
  A. Are you sure you want to know?
  B. Absolutely certain?
  C. To quote the black book, "Oh ye who go about saying unto each: 'Hello
     Sailor': Dost thou know the magnitude of thy sin before the gods? ...
     Surely thou shalt repent of thy cunning."
  D. Nowhere. (You were warned.)

Why do things move and disappear in the dungeon?
  A. The Thief is constantly moving about.
  B. There is a high probability that he will take valuable objects (except
     the gold coffin) which you have seen. There is a much lower probability
     that he will take a nonvaluable object (again, only if you have seen
     it), and he may later decide to drop it.

Where are the treasures the Thief took from me?
  A. As he wanders about stealing things, he puts them in his bag. Whenever
     he stops in his Treasure Room, he drops off the valuables he has
  B. You can get the contents of the bag by defeating him in a fight.
  C. The Treasure Room is guarded by the Cyclops.

What do I do with the stiletto?
  A. Congratulations! Getting the stiletto is rare. If you keep it away from
     the Thief, he won't attack you.
  B. It is a weapon, nothing more.

Who is the lean and hungry gentleman?
     The Thief.

Where can I use the shovel?
  A. It will dig only into very soft soil.
  B. Try it in the sand.
  C. The sand in the Sandy Cove [sic] is most promising.

Is there any significance to all the granite walls?
  A. There are only two true granite walls.
  B. While next to a real granite wall, you can transport yourself to the
     location of the other by saying the name of the room.
  C. The two granite walls are in the Temple and the Treasure Room.

Which object is best for casting images?
  A. What are you talking about?
  B. +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |              >>This space intentionally left blank.<<               |

Many people have questions pertaining to the map.
This section is for them.

How do I get into the Strange Passage?
  A. This is not necessary to complete the game.
  B. See the alternative Cyclops answer.

How do I get into the Stone Barrow?
  A. You'll know when the time comes.

Have you ever:

  ...opened the grating from beneath while the leaves were still on it?
  ...tried swearing?
  ...waved the sceptre while standing on the rainbow?
  ...tried anything nasty with the bodies in Hades?
  ...burned the black book?
  ...damaged the painting?
  ...lit the candles with the torch? the matchbook?
  ...tried to take yourself (or the Thief, Troll, or Cyclops)?
  ...tried cutting things with the knife or sword?
  ...poured water on something burning?
  ...said WAIT or SCORE while dead (as a spirit)?

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Re: More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)

Even more questions

What is the solution to the riddle?
  A. The word "tall" is somewhat misleading from the usual point of view.
  B. Something deep, from the bottom, appears tall.
  C. It is a well. Type:  ANSWER "A WELL".  The key words are "round", 
     "tall", and "draw".

Is it possible to leave the carousel heading west?
     Not until the carousel has been stopped.

I'm getting tired of the carousel; can it be stopped?
  A. Yes.  The ZORK implementors do have some compassion.
  B. When you reach the point where a solution is possible, it should be 
     fairly obvious.
  C. It involves the buttons in the Machine Room.

What do I do with the clay brick?
  A. Be careful with it.
  B. Burning it will make its use apparent.
  C. It's plastic explosive.
  D. Using a fuse may give you time to leave the area before it explodes.  
  E. Try inserting the black string.

How do I open the door in the Tiny Room?
  A. Have you looked through the window?
  B. Are the spheres useful for anything?
  C. Have you looked into the red sphere?
  D. The door is locked from the inside.  The key is still in the lock.
  E. You can push the key out of the hole with the letter opener.
  F. Try the old trick of slipping something under the door to catch the key.
  G. Try using the place mat.

Is there a way to get past the ice in the Ice Room?
  A. Yes.
  B. Have you tried melting the glacier with anything?
  C. A large, portable source of heat might be useful.
  D. There is one nearby.
  E. You can lure the dragon into the Ice Room, thus solving two puzzles.
  F. Have you noticed that if you attack or in some way annoy the dragon, 
     then leave the room, he follows you?

Where do I find an Ice Pick?
     There is none.

What is going on in the Topiary?
     You're not going to let a few hedges scare you, are you?

How do I catch the unicorn and get the golden key?
  A. "The unicorn is a mythical beast."
  B. Only one of royal blood may approach a unicorn.
  C. Rescue the Princess from the dragon and watch what she does.
  D. Follow her.

How do I enter the gazebo?
     You will not enter the dragon's lair while he lives.

How do I kill the dragon?
  A. You are too puny to harm him directly.
  B. Even bombs have no effect!
  C. Did you notice when you attack the dragon and leave, he follows you?
  D. You can use this technique to lure him to the Ice Room.

Can I kiss the Princess?
     Only when she's sleeping.  Don't try anything nasty.

How do I open the door in the Guarded Room?
  A. You will need a key to unlock it.
  B. You have probably seen the key.
  C. It is hanging from a red ribbon around the neck of the unicorn.
  D. You will also need to do something about the lizard doorkeeper.

What do I do about the lizard doorkeeper?
  A. It cannot be killed.
  B. It can be satisfied by a particular treasure.  When you find it, it 
     should be obvious.
  C. There is a box of rare candied insects at the bottom of a pool of water.

How do I move the menhir?
  A. Blasting will have no effect on it.
  B. You will not be able to get past the large menhir until you have 
     mastered the Wizard's power, which first requires solving most of the 
     other puzzles in the game.
  C. One way to move it is to use the wand to "float" it.
  D. Another way is to ask the demon to move it for you.

What do I do with the Grue Repellent?
     Read the label.

Does the club have any use?
  A. Examine it.
  B. It is a baseball bat.
  C. It is a clue to the nature of this maze.

How do I reignite the club?
     If you examine it, you'll notice that it was never ignited.

What do the glowing diamonds signify?
     Progress.  The brighter they glow, the closer you are to solving the 

How do I break the glassy substance?
  A. It cannot be done with the club.
  B. You might try the bomb, but it won't get you anywhere.
  C. The solution to the problem of the Oddly Angled Room has nothing to do 
     with breaking walls.

What is the signifigance of the convention of wizards?
     You've been fantasizing again.

Why does my sword glow when I am at the bottom of the stairs?
     You are one room away from a dangerous creature.

What in the world do I do in the Oddly Angled Room?
  A. If you solve this without any help at all, my cap is off to you!
  B. The maze was meant to confound maze mappers.
  C. There are nine rooms.  Almost all of the room connections are 
     probabilistic - sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. (If you 
     repeat any direction often enough, you'll travel through all the rooms.)
  D. Have you noticed all of the baseball clues:  the Babe Flathead bat, 
     "You'll never get past first base at this rate..."?
  E. The glowing diamonds are baseball bases - the brighter they glow, the 
     further you've progressed.
  F. Left-handed pitchers are sometimes called "southpaws."
  G. The solution is to walk in the directions of a standard baseball 
     diamond, starting from home plate (where the bat is):  southeast, 
     northeast, northwest, southwest.  (It is admittedly a very difficult 
     puzzle - apologies to non-American Zorkers).

What is the curtain of light for?
  A. Have you read the bank brochure?
  B. Have you tried touching it?
  C. Have you tried throwing anything at it?
  D. Have you tried walking through it?

How do I turn off the alarm system?
  A. Are there any switches or electrical devices in the area?
  B. Does the Wizard have any appropriate spells?
  C. Unfortunately, the alarm system remains foolproof.  You must find 
     another way to remove treasures.

How do I get out of the Small Room?
  A. You came in through a door, didn't you?
  B. Like most doors, the curtain door has two sides.
  C. The other side of the door may not be apparent.
  D. Try walking through the south wall.
  E. Once the curtain door has closed, the only way out is to give the Gnome 
     something valuable.  If you have nothing of value, you will be trapped 

How does carrying the portrait affect where I will end up?
  A. Any association between items you are carrying and the room to which the 
     curtain door leads is purely coincidental.

How many places can I get to from the Depository?
     Seven, inlcuding four through the curtain.

How do I get into the vault?
  A. The curtain door leads to four locations.
  B. It is completely deterministic (i.e., non-random).
  C. The location to which it leads is determined by the direction from 
     which you entered the Depository.
  D. If you enter from the east, you will be transported to the East Viewing 
     Room; if you enter from the west, to the West Viewing Room.  If you 
     enter from the south (e.g., the Chairman's Office) you will be 
     transported to the Small Room.
  E. You can leave the Small Room by walking through the south wall (thus 
     entering the Depository from the North).
  F. If you enter the Depository from the north, you will be transported to 
     the Vault.

How do I get out of the Vault?
  A. How did you get out of the Small Room?
  B. Try the north wall.

What are the basket and canvas for?
  A. The canvas is attached to the basket, as is the receptacle.
  B. You can get into the basket.
  C. This is a deflated balloon.

Once I've determined what the basket and canvas are, how do I use them?
  A. Once you inflate the balloon, you will find a card with instructions 
     for use.  These hints deal with inflation.
  B. Not all balloons use hydrogen or helium.
  C. Remember that hot air is less dense and therefore rises?
  D. Burn something (such as the newspaper) in the receptacle.

How do I leave the top of the volcano without being killed?
     You don't but isn't it a glorious death?

Which of the three paths down to the valley is best?
  A. Ask the scarecrow.
  B. Beware of the lions and tigers and bears.
  C. I suppose you'll soon be skipping and singing, "We're off to see the 
  D. If you haven't guessed by now, this is a nonsense question.

What is the signifigance of the mines and smelter?
  A. Have you tried processing ore?
  B. Did you dig for the lode of mithril?
  C. I find it amazing that you got this far, since there are no mines or 
     smelters in Zork II.  Keep in mind the warning in the introduction:  
     Do not use the presence or absence of a question on a certain topic 
     as an indication of what is important, and don't assume that long 
     answers indicate important questions.

How do I extend the lava tube?
     This is not possible.

What do I do about the gnome?
     The volcano gnome appears only if you are stranded on a ledge.  He will 
     help you, but only for a fee.

How can I translate the books?
  A. A Zorkish-to-English dictionary would be useful, wouldn't it?
  B. So, of course, there isn't one.
  C. You cannot translate them.

How can I open or remove the rusty old box?
  A. It has an oblong hole chipped into it.
  B. Nothing short of blasting will open it.  Someone seems to have done you 
     a favor by creating a hole in which to place the bomb.

Who is M. Agrippa?
     Didn't he design the Pantheon in Rome?

Can I get up the well, and if so, how?
  A. Yes.
  B. What is a well for?
  C. Have you tried putting water in the bucket?
  D. Get in the bucket, then pour water in it.

What does the engraving say?
     It is the logo for a Frobozzco subsidiary.
              obo                               obo
                                           r           z
              AGI         becomes     f        MAGIC        z

               E L                              WELL
                                      c                     y
              mpa                          o           n

     or "Frobozz Magic Well Company" as can be clearly read at the top of 
     the well.

How do I catch the magic mouse?
  A. Have you tried using the green cheese?
  B. There is no mouse.  Sorry.

Can the writing on the cakes be read?
  A. On all but one, it is too small to see with the naked eye.
  B. Not even the robot can read it.
  C. A magnifying glass would be useful.
  D. Try reading it through the flask in the Pool Room.

Can the Mad Hatter be cured?
  A. There is no cure for advanced mercury poisoning?
  B. What Mad Hatter?

How do I get back down from here?
  A. The reverse of the way you got up.
  B. If the bucket has gone back down, you're stuck.  The water evaporates 
     in 100 moves.

What do the cakes do?
  A. Experiment with them.  Try eating them.  You can't be afraid to try 
     anything in Zork II (but you may want to SAVE your state first).
  B. Reading them will tell you something.

What can I do with the flask of poison?
  A. Kill yourself or others.
  B. Examine it.
  C. Examine it.  Look through it.  Use it as a magnifier to read the 
     writing on the cakes.

How can I get the object under the water?
  A. You cannot successfully enter the water.
  B. There is no valve to drain the pool or plug the leak.
  C. There is a way to make the pool evaporate.
  D. Try throwing the red ("evaporate") cake into the pool.

How do I cross the chasm?
  A. There is no way to cross while in your small state.
  B. Once you return to normal size, the chasm will be a small crack again.

How do I control the robot?
     Read the instructions.

What is EBCDIC?
     It stands for Extended Binary-Coded-Decimal Interchange Code, which 
     IBM equipment often uses instead of ASCII (American Standard Code for 
     Information Exchange).

What is a footpad?
  A. It is not a doormat.
  B. Check the dictionary.
  C. It means "thief" (i.e. you).

How can I take the red sphere?
  A. Have you noticed that when the cage falls, you don't die immediately?
  B. You have time to tell the robot to lift the cage (if he is in the room).

What do the buttons do?
  A. If you psuh them, you are electrocuted.
  B. You can experiment with them by ordering the robot to push them.
  C. The buttons control the electromagnetic field which spins the Carousel 
  D. The square button increases the spin to high speed.  The round button 
     decreases the spin to low speed.  The triangular button flips the field
     from the Carousel Room to the Low Room, releasing the iron box and 
     causing the carousel to stop spinning.  (Note:  increasing the speed 
     and flipping the field up to the Low Room is dangerous.

Can I open the Wizard's trophy case?
  A. Not directly.
  B. Treasures you were carrying when you died or which the Wizard has 
     "filched" from you are kept in his trophy case.  If you acquire the 
     Wizard's wand, you can "filch" them back.

How do I take the Wizard's wands from the wand rack?
     You don't.  They can't be taken.

What do I do with the yellow sphere?
  A. You've been fantasizing again.
  B. There is no yellow sphere.

How can the owl be released?
  A. The owl and the other memoriabilia in the Trophy Room are protected by 
     a powerful spell which cannot be broken.
  B. No kidding!

What do I do with the black sphere?
  A. Have you tried looking into it?
  B. The creature with the horrible face has freed you to return to your 
     quest after dying.  Can you return the favor?
  C. It has been alleged that dmeons are conjured up using pentagrams.
  D. Try placing the black sphere in the pentagram.

Can the flying owl be caught?
  A. Don't you have your owl net handy?
  B. The FANTASIZE spell does not include a flying owl.  Where did you see it?
  C. If every question in this book were pertinent to the game, the questions 
     themselves would give far too much away.  Questions such as this should 
     convince you to ignore questions that are not of immediate use.

How do I detach the stands from the bench?
     You don't.

What are the stands for?
  A. Their colors should be revealing.
  B. Rubies are red, sapphires are blue, diamonds are clear.
  C. Try putting the crystal spheres in the appropriate stands.

Does the pentagram have any signifigance?
     It has been alleged that pentagrams are used by wizards to conjure up 

What do I do with the palm tree?
     Admire its beauty.

How do I kill the serpent?
  A. A fish out of water...
  B. Have you tried breaking the aquarium glass?
  C. As serpents are rather dangerous, you should stand far back and throw 
     something at the glass.

How do I enter the aquarium?
  A. You might try typing:  ENTER THE AQUARIUM
  B. There is no way to enter the aquarium and live.

How do I satisfy the demon?
  A. Have you tried following his instructions?
  B. If you have been wondering what to do with all the treasures, you now 
  C. You must give him the fancy violin, moby ruby, zorkmid coin, Flathead 
     stamp, zorkmid bills, portrait, golden statuette, pearl necklace, gaudy 
     crown, and golden key (minus any you had in your possession when you 
     died or any that were "Filched" from you).

What do I do once I've satisfied the demon?
  A. You should as the demon to give you something.
  B. It's something you need to finish the game; you've seen it but haven't 
     been able to get it.
  C. It's the wizard's wand.  Type:  DEMON, GIVE ME THE WAND, or DEMON, KILL

What is the object of this game?
  A. Part of the object of this game is to discover the object of this game.
  B. If you just keep solving puzzles, eventually you will find that you 
     have finished the game.

What should I do with the treasures I've found?
  A. This is one of the puzzles you must solve.  It really doesn't matter 
     where you keep them.  You will find out what to do with them later in 
     the game.

What do I do about the Wizard?
  A. You need to discover and master the source of the Wizard's powers in 
     order to complete the game.  Until you do, he will create a lot of 
     mischief for you.

How many spells are there in this game?
  A. There are 12 that the Wizard commonly casts on you.
  B. There are seven others that have special purposes.

What does the FANTASIZE spell do?
     Sometimes it causes you to see a bizarre object that isn't there in 
     the room.

How do I cast a spell?
  A. You'll need a wand.
  B. Read the white book.
  C. Point (or wave) the wand at the object to be ensorcelled.  Then incant 
     the spell (e.g. SAY "FLOAT")

Is there anything special about the spells the Wizard mumbles?
     No.  They are the same ones he says aloud.

Where should I play the violin?
  A. Carnegie Hall?
  B. Where is HHELLO SAILOR useful?

How can I get the pearls back from the housekeeper?
  A. What housekeeper?
  B. Are you sure that you are playing Zork II?

How do I get past Cerberus?
  A. The FIERCE spell is not recommended.
  B. The FLOAT and FEEBLE spells are not strong enough.
  C. Even the demon can't overcome him (them?).
  D. Try taming him by putting on his collar.
  E. The collar is found behind the menhir.

Where does saying HELLO AVIATOR cause something to happen?
  A. The same place HELLO SAILOR and HELLO FOOTPAD cause something to happen.
  B. Nowhere.

What do I do for light when my lamp runs out?
  A. If you have oer 200 points and are in the dark with a burned-out lamp, 
     wait for the Wizard to arrive.  He will cast the FLOURESCE spell and you 
     won't need a light source (however, there are unfortunate side effects).

Can the dmeon help me?
  A. He is mightier than the Wizard.
  B. He will help you if you help him.
  C. Once you have satisfied him, he will perform a deed for you.
  D. Ask him to give you the wand or to move the menhir.

Where do I find the white sphere?
  A. Try looking into the blue sphere?
  B. It is actually clear, not white.
  C. For any man with half an eye
     What stands before him he may spy
     But optics sharp it needs and keen
     To see what is not to be seen
  D. Clear glass is invisible under water.
  E. It is in the aquarium.

Are the spheres useful for anything?
  A. What if they were called crystal balls?
  B. Have you tried examining them?
  C. Try looking through them.
  D. When you look into one, you see the view from the next one in the chain
     (somewhat like the palantirs in The Lord of the Rings).

How many spheres are there?
  A. Have you ever died in ZORK II?
  B. There are four.
  C. You will create the fourth with the first three.

What do I do with the perfect rose?
  A. Admire it's beauty.
  B. Must something so beautiful have any other use?

How do I go down the staircase landing without being killed?
  A. In later releases (revision) of the game, the landing is guarded by 
     "magical" runes.
  B. "Magical wardens," "green lines of enormous power," "close in on you as 
     if searching for something.
  C. You may proceed down the stairs and to the finish if you are carrying 
     the Wizard's wand.

What do I do with the heads on poles?
  A. We suggest that you not disturb the remains.
  B. Let the dead rest in peace.

What is the signifigance of "Feel Free"?
  A. Both words begin with an "F".
  B. This is an inside joke.  It is what one Implementor says to another 
     Implementor offering suggestions for changes in a game.  It has no

I have all the points but somehow don't feel finished.  What do I do?
  A. Type:  SCORE
  B. The grue repellent label is a very subtle hint.
  C. The Crypt is a "place of death."
  D. It is too light to see the door to ZORK III.
  E. When the crypt is dark, the door is visible.  (Of course, the crypt will 
     never be dark if you are flourescing.)  In release 18 and later, you 
     will need to be carrying the wand also.

I've finished the game but don't have all 400 points.  What's going on?
  A. Don't let it bother you.  You have really completed the game.
  B. Treasures in the Wizard's trophy case are not required to satisfy the 
     demon.  Each treasure not give to the demon will leave you with 
     fewer points.

I haven't finished the game and I don't have all 400 points.
     So what else is new?

Have you tried:

...setting off the bomb in the Dusty Room and then waiting in the balloon 
   tied to the ledge?
...petting or killing Cerberus after putting on his collar?
...removing Cerberus' collar?
...attacking the Princess?
...taking the serpent?
...diagnosing yourself while under certain spells?
...waiting around the Topiary?

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Re: More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)

Why did Lord Dimwit Flathead throw his grandfather clock out the window?
  A. Have you studied the trajectory from several angles?
  B. Why does he always use the second-story window?
  C. Excessive as always, he wanted to see time fly.

How do I climb the endless stair?
     Left as an exercise to the reader

How do I get the sword in the stone?
  A. "Who do you think you are? Arthur?"
  B. "The sword is deeply imbedded within the rock. You can't even begin to
     budge it."
  C. Be patient. You'll get it when the need for it arises.

How can the runes be translated?
  A. A Runish-to-English dictionary?
  B. Have you examined them?
  C. Beyond that, you'll get nothing more.

How do I climb the channel in the Damp Passage?
     "The channel climbs too rapidly and the moss is slippery."

What will increase traction?
  A. Studded snow tires work well on glare ice.
  B. Some purists insist on chains.
  C. If you were thinking of climbing the slippery moss, forget it. You
     really can't go that way.

How can I clear the rubble in the Damp Passage?
  A. "The channel opening is blocked by tons of debris."
  B. You can't.

Where do I find the old and wizened man?
  A. The runes are a very subtle hint.
  B. There is a chance he will appear when you enter (and only when you
     enter) the Engravings Room.

How do I waken the old and wizened man?
  A. He is sleeping very soundly. (Listen to that snore.)
  B. Try saying WAKE MAN or SHAKE MAN.

What do I do about the old and wizened man?
  A. Attacking him would not be very sporting, but it might give you a clue.
  B. He is described as "weak," "tired," and "frail."
  C. Have you considered helping him? You might give him something he could
  D. Try giving him the waybread.

Can the phosphorescent moss be kept alive for more than 10 moves?
  A. Certainly. It will live throughout the entire game.
  B. But you will never be able to take it, move it, or use it as a light
     source anywhere else.

How can I open the Great Iron Door?
  A. You cannot open the door.
  B. However, after the earthquake you will find a cleft in the rock that
     will allow you to pass.

How do I get the rust remover tube from the warlock?
     What a looney!

How do I get out of the chasm?
  A. How did you get down to the chasm?
  B. The folks at Infocom would be very interested.

I'm trapped on the Aqueduct. What do I do?
  A. If you can't proceed to the north due to a collapsed segment, you're
  B. What might have caused this segment to collapse?
  C. The secret is to traverse this area before it is destroyed by the

Can the lake be crossed?
  A. "Go jump in a lake!"
  B. Seriously! Jump in and swim to one of the other shores.

What is required to walk on water?
  A. A messianic complex?
  B. Do you also want to move mountains?

How do I catch the fish?
     Just be careful that it doesn't catch _you_!

What is a Roc?
     It is a legendary bird of prey of tremendous size and strength. Your
     probability of seeing it is low, but if you do, watch out!

What can be done with the swamp gas?
  A. Swamp gas burns...
  B. If you could transport it across the lake, it might make a good light

How do I transport the swamp gas?
  A. A bottle would be useful.
  B. Unfortunately, there are no bottles. By the way, where did you find
     swamp gas?
  C. Remember the introduction? If every question in this book were
     pertinent to the game, the questions themselves would give far too much
     away. Do not use the presence or absence of a question on a certain
     topic as an indication of what is important, and don't assume that long
     answers are associated with important questions.

How can I get the shiny object?
     Try to take it until you eventually succeed. (There is a 50%
     probability that you will get it on any move. Although there is less
     than one chance in a thousand that you wouldn't get it within 10 tries,
     it could conceivably take zillions of tries.)

What is the table with the "Scenic Vista" sign for?
  A. Have you ever examined it?
  B. Have you ever touched or rubbed it?
  C. You can look at or go to sections of ZORK I, ZORK II, ZORK III, and

Is there anything under the manhole cover?
     Try raising or moving it.

How do I get a light source to the southern end of the lake?
  A. The light sources cannot be relit once they've gotten wet.
  B. They can't be taken across the lake without getting wet.
  C. There is no way to get a working light source to the south shore of the
  D. There is another way!
  E. Have you seen the grue repellent?
  F. Figure out how to use the viewing table.
  G. Use the grue repellent to get to the Key Room and Aqueduct. The viewing
     table is also useful for pre-positioning the light source you will
     eventually need.

How can I get to the coal in the Dead End?
  A. You can't.
  B. You are limited to three moves in the areas visited with the viewing
     table. There is no way for you to increase this. Obviously, if you
     could stay as long as you wanted, there would have to be four games on
     the diskette.

What light source can I take to the west of the Timber Room?
  A. None.
  B. See question above.

What do I do about the hooded figure?
  A. Have you noticed anything you do which increases your score?
  B. You must fight the figure.
  C. Have you ever looked at the figure or looked under the hood?
  D. When badly injured, the figure is defenseless.
  E. Does killing the figure leave you feeling satisfied?
  F. While the figure is badly injured, try taking the hood.

Why do I see myself?
  A. Very good question.
  B. This is actually a hint.

How do I freeze the quicksand?
  A. A blast of supercold air might do the trick.
  B. The Great Underground Empire is far from polar regions.
  C. The quicksand can't be crossed. It is one of the many borders which
     keep the Underground Empire small enough to fit on a diskette.

How do I get to the ship?
  A. Congratulations. Seeing the ship is rather rare.
  B. Have you tried walking on water?
  C. This is a Viking sailor.
  D. You've been waiting three games for this!
  E. Something happens here!

How do I open the chest?
  A. You can't open it.
  B. The man at the cliff has the only key.
  C. You'll have to wait for him to open it.
  D. Wait on the ledge for him to appear and follow his directions.

Can the man at the cliff be trusted?
  A. He certainly seems like a practical joker.
  B. But he has the only key to the chest.
  C. Do exactly what he says -- and be patient.

What is in the tree house?
  A. This could be the man's living quarters.
  B. The inflatable raft in the back room might be useful elsewhere.
  C. It is amazing that you got this far when there is no tree house.

I have the treasure, but how do I mend the staff?
  A. It cannot be fixed.
  B. Have you tried protecting the staff (for example, throwing it off the
     cliff) before taking the treasure?
  C. You'll have to decide which you prefer, the treasure or the staff.

I have the staff; how do I get the treasure?
  A. You might try killing the man before he walks away with it.
  B. You'll have to decide which you prefer, the treasure or the staff.

What is the significance of Smokey the Bear?
  A. "Only you can prevent forest fires."
  B. Maybe you thought this was one of the nonsense questions. Try burning
     the trees.

What is in the vial?
  A. "It feels as though there is something inside, but you can't see
     anything even though the vial is transparent."
  B. Have you tried drinking the contents?
  C. Look into the mirror immediately after drinking it.
  D. The invisible liquid is an invisibility potion. It will last only two
     moves and will not be effective against the more powerful denizens of
     the Great Underground Empire.

When are the museum personnel on duty?
  A. Intrepid adventurers do not fear mere warning notes.
  B. They all died years ago. You'll have to risk it on your own.

Is there anything I can do when I'm trapped in the small square room with
marble and sandstone walls?
  A. There is a way out.
  B. Sandstone is a very light rock.
  C. Try pushing one of the sandstone walls (PUSH EAST WALL or PUSH SOUTH

Where do I find dynamite?
  A. What a strange concept.
  B. +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |              >>This space intentionally left blank<<                |

What are the ladders for?
  A. Remember the hole through which you entered the puzzle?
  B. It is possible to maneuver one of the ladders into a position allowing
     you to climb out.

What is the slot for?
  A. Have you tried putting anything in it?
  B. Try the lore book.
  C. This is one (although not the best) way out of the puzzle.

I'm lost in the puzzle. How do I get out?
  A. There _are_ ways out.
  B. Try mapping (movable pieces to represent walls may help). Push as few
     walls as possible.
  C. You might make use of the slot (not recommended).
  D. Walls can only be pushed, never pulled.
  E. Starting from the Royal Puzzle entrance, the following moves will solve
     the puzzle. D. PUSH EAST WALL. S. S. SE. PUSH SOUTH WALL. N. NE. PUSH
     Innumerable other sequences will reach the same result.)

What was the "snap" I heard?
     You ran into something with the wall. Movable objects are transported
     to the side room when hit by the wall.

What does the gray machine do?
  A. This is a pressurizer.
  B. It is like the machine used in ZORK I to make diamonds.
  C. Unfortunately, it is not a working model.

What does pushing the button on the gold machine do?
  A. Nothing if you aren't sitting on the seat when you push it.
  B. Nothing if you haven't changed the setting of the dial before pushing
     the button.
  C. This is a time machine. Pushing the button transports the person
     sitting in the chair (and only that person -- the time machine itself
     doesn't move) to the same spot in the year indicated on the dial (where
     you may find the time machine in the same position). The effect is not
     permanent -- in 40 moves you will snap back. The present year is 948.

What does the black machine do?
  A. This is a room spinner.
  B. Presumably it is a model of the machine which spins the Carousel Room
     in ZORK II.
  C. Fortunately, it is not a working model.

How can I read the plaque in the Technology Museum?
     It has faded with age and can no longer be read.

How do I unlock the cage?
  A. That cage will protect the royal jewels until the end of time.
  B. It is, however, possible to get your hands on the jewels.
  C. You should learn the use of each machine in the Technology Museum.

How do I take the royal jewels?
  A. The cage is impregnable, but you can't let small details like that stop
     you. Read the hints to unlocking the cage before going to B.
  B. By now you know that the gold machine is a time machine which can be
     used to go to the Jewel Room before the cage is installed. (Push the
     machine to the Jewel Room in the present and go back to the year 776.)
  C. Unfortunately, you can't carry anything with you through time.
  D. You must find a very good hiding place. Lord Dimwit Flathead's men will
     no doubt launch an extensive search for the missing jewels. They must
     remain hidden for 200 years.
  E. You might check the machines for a good place. (Wait for the guards to
  F. Have you looked under the seat in the time machine?
  G. Excessive greed in an adventurer of your status is unbecoming.
  H. Only the ring can be successfully hidden.
  I. If you succeed in getting the ring, Flathead has the other jewels
     moved. If you botch the burglary, two things can happen: 1) They
     realize the time machine works and remove it; or 2) They find the
     jewels displaced and simply put them back (but a different plaque is

What do I do about the robot?
     Congratulations. It is a very rare treat to see the robot. Just try

What does the red button do?
  A. Pushing the button alone is not notably helpful.
  B. Pushing the button is helpful if another action precedes it.
  C. Haven't you been curious about the red beam of light?
  D. Block the beam with an object, then push the button.
  E. You will find that the mirror is a doorway.

What do I do about the red beam of light?
  A. You can jump over it, but it won't do you much good.
  B. Trying to take it is similarly useless.
  C. Does the fact that it is only an inch above the floor suggest anything?
  D. Have you tried blocking it with your hand?
  E. Try blocking it with an object. You will now find that the button is

What is the wet suit for?
     What wet suit?

Is the mirror important?
  A. Presumably you have already tried touching it, looking into it, pushing
     it, breaking it.
  B. It is important, but you will have no direct interaction with it.

How do I break the panel?
  A. "The panel is not that easily destroyed."
  B. You don't.

What is the significance of the different colored walls?
  A. By making them different colors, you can refer to them separately.
  B. Pushing on the red or yellow walls can cause the box to rotate on the
     central pivot pole in a clockwise direction. Pushing the black or white
     walls can cause the box to rotate counterclockwise.

What is the significance of the pine wall?
     If nothing is blocking it on the other side, pushing on it will cause
     it to swing out so that you can leave the box.

What is the significance of the mahogany wall?
     If the box is aligned properly, pushing on it will cause the entire box
     to move.

What is the long pole for?
  A. The long pole is at the center of the box and extends from the ceiling
     to the floor.
  B. It is a pivot around which the box can be turned.

What is the short pole for?
  A. Doesn't the hand grip suggest anything?
  B. "The pole has been dropped into a hole in the stone floor."
  C. Try raising the short pole.
  D. The short pole anchors the box in position.
  E. It can also be used to steady it when it is moved.

What is the T-bar for?
     It has an arrow carved on it.

What is the significance of the direction the arrow is pointing?
     That is the direction the mahogany wall faces.

Is the wobble significant?
  A. It can be avoided.
  B. It can also have negative consequences.
  C. If you drop the short pole into the channel, it will steady the
     movement of the box.

How can I undress the stone?
  A. Pervert!
  B. Look up "dressed" (as it applies to stone) in the dictionary.

Why am I being killed while inside the box?
  A. Once you have rotated the box 90 [degrees] from its original position,
     you may want to leave it to scout the area beyond.
  B. Learn all you can about the Guardians of Zork.
  C. If the Guardians notice the box due to a broken mirror, open door, or a
     wobble, they will kill you.

How can I pass the Guardians of Zork?
  A. The Guardians strike anything which they see between them.
  B. The Guardians are described as "identical" and "perfectly symmetrical."
     If you walk in front of them or throw something in front of them, they
     destroy "in perfect unison."
  C. Do you think a Guardian could distinguish between the sight of the
     other and the sight of himself in a mirror?
  D. You can travel past them inside the mirror box. ("It's all done with
  E. An alternate solution is to walk past while invisible.

How is the scuba tank attached to the wet suit?
  A. What scuba tank and wet suit?
  B. +---------------------------------------------------------------------+
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |              >>This space intentionally left blank<<                |

I seem to have gotten past the Guardians, but I'm still being killed. What
should I do?
     Rotate the structure so that the door doesn't open into their field of

How do I open the large wooden door with the barred panel?
  A. _You_ can't open it.
  B. Have you tried knocking?

What must I do to satisfy the old man at the large door?
  A. "He looks you over with his keen, piercing gaze and then speaks
  B. This is the Dungeon Master.
  C. He is looking for something. What you think might be valuable may have
     nothing to do with it.
  D. Most of the problems in the game are tests by the Dungeon Master to see
     whether you are ready.
  E. You have met him before when you have died.
  F. Does nothing about his description strike you as odd?
  G. "He is dressed simply in a hood and cloak, wearing a few simple jewels,
     carrying something under one arm, and leaning on a wooden staff. A
     single key, as if to a massive prison cell, hangs from his belt."
  H. You can acquire his entire costume by solving the problems in the game.
  I. Your goal is to _become_ the Dungeon Master. You will need the hood and
     cloak, the amulet and ring, the key, the wooden staff, and the lore

Why won't the Dungeon Master follow me?
  A. Have you asked him to?
  B. Say DUNGEON MASTER, FOLLOW ME. (See your game manual.)

What should be thrown into the flaming pit?
  A. The end had come, and this was it;
     He dropped her in the flaming pit.
                       -- Edward Gorey
  B. Anything dropped into the pit is lost forever.

What will scratch the marble?
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                Huh?                                 |

What are the sundial and button for?
  A. You can set the dial to any of the eight numbers.
  B. Try spinning or setting it and then pushing the button. Did anything
  C. You might try putting something in the cell first.
  D. Reading the lore book now might help.
  E. This is a magic dungeon (no doubt a product of Frobozzco). There are
     eight cells. Pushing the button causes the cell selected to appear, and
     the cell which was there to go back to its usual spot.

How do I unlock the bronze door?
  A. Have you tried the key?
  B. This is the first lock it has fit. Why do you think it won't turn?
  C. You must learn more about how this dungeon works.
  D. It will unlock only if you are in cell 4 and in the cell's normal

How do I get out of the cell?
  A. Can't you open the door?
  B. If the dial has been set to a new number and you have had the Dungeon
     Master push the button while you were in the cell, there is no way

What is my goal? What am I supposed to be doing?
     When you come to the entrance to the dungeon and meet the Dungeon
     Master, your purpose may become clearer.

How does the scoring in this game work?
  A. The scoring is a hint as to what is important.
  B. The points are not "earned" by solving problems or acquiring items. You
     receive a point when you start on a path where you have a _potential_
     for progress in the game.
  C. It is possible to have all seven points without correctly solving any
     of the problems.

How do I relight the burned-out torch?
  A. I see no matches here.
  B. There is no way to relight the torch. You'll have to find a way to
     avoid getting it wet.

How can I repair the lamp?
     If it has gotten wet or the battery has run out, the lamp is out for
     good. It is always best to conserve resources. You can prolong the life
     of the lamp by keeping it dry and turning it off whenever alternate
     light sources are available.

What is a compass rose?
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |
     |  [drawing of compass rose which cannot be included in a text file]  |
     |                                                                     |
     |                                                                     |

Where do I use the timber?
  A. It is as useful here as it was in ZORK I.
  B. In other words, it isn't useful at all.

What do I do with the grue repellent?
     Read the label.

Where can I find the amulet?
  A. "Go jump in a lake!"
  B. Have you ever tried diving to the bottom of the lake?

Have you ever:

  ...said HELLO to the man at the cliff?
  ...tried to throw anything from the cliff at the man?
  ...been eaten by the Roc or swallowed by the fish in the lake?
  ...tried to eat the algae?
  ...tried to examine the key repeatedly?
  ...tried saying HELLO SAILOR at the ocean before the Viking boat arrives
     or after it leaves?
  ...been at the Aqueduct View, on the Aqueduct, at the Great Door, or
     visiting one of the other Zorks while the earthquake took place?
  ...seen the robot that tidies the Royal Museum (and no doubt closes doors
     it finds open)?
  ...walked into the grue convention in the dark rooms?
  ...gone to the Museum Entrance or Jewel Room in 777?
  ...moved the temporizer to one of the other rooms in 776 and left it there
     (and then read the plaque in 948)?
  ...listened to the guards or the dedication through the museum door?
  ...looked into the passageway alongside the mirror box while next to the
  ...looked into the mirror or knocked on the dungeon door while invisible?
  ...tried to walk through the swamp or quicksand?
  ...burned the staff, book, tree, grue repellant can,...?

'And fun? If maths is fun, then getting a tooth extraction is fun. A viral infection is fun. Rabies shots are fun.'
'God exists because Mathematics is consistent, and the devil exists because we cannot prove it'
I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested.


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Re: More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)


'And fun? If maths is fun, then getting a tooth extraction is fun. A viral infection is fun. Rabies shots are fun.'
'God exists because Mathematics is consistent, and the devil exists because we cannot prove it'
I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested.


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Re: More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)

That is a lot of questions.

The best one is "Why is Poseidon angry with Odysseus?"

Do you know?

In mathematics, you don't understand things. You just get used to them.
If it ain't broke, fix it until it is.
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Re: More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)

The best one is "Why are there ants in my laptop?"

'And fun? If maths is fun, then getting a tooth extraction is fun. A viral infection is fun. Rabies shots are fun.'
'God exists because Mathematics is consistent, and the devil exists because we cannot prove it'
I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested.


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Re: More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)

Yechhh! That guy should stop spilling soda all over it.

Do you know why he is angry at Odysseus.

In mathematics, you don't understand things. You just get used to them.
If it ain't broke, fix it until it is.
Always satisfy the Prime Directive of getting the right answer above all else.


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Re: More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)

explainxkcd wrote:

Poseidon was the patron deity of the city of Troy, which after a 10 years siege by the Greeks fell due to Odysseus' list of the Trojan horse. As the Greeks were returning home, Poseidon cursed Odysseus' ship to prevent him from reaching his home in Ithaca. The adventures which Odysseus encounters during his quest for reaching Ithaca are the main theme of Homer's Odyssey.

'And fun? If maths is fun, then getting a tooth extraction is fun. A viral infection is fun. Rabies shots are fun.'
'God exists because Mathematics is consistent, and the devil exists because we cannot prove it'
I'm not crazy, my mother had me tested.


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Re: More Questions (now exclusively with sample answers)

I am afraid that explainxkcd is not correct on this point.

Kyklops, if anyone among mortal men should ask who put out your eye in this ugly fashion, say that the one who blinded you was Odysseus the city-sacker, son of Laertes and dweller in Ithaka.’

In mathematics, you don't understand things. You just get used to them.
If it ain't broke, fix it until it is.
Always satisfy the Prime Directive of getting the right answer above all else.


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