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#1 2016-04-17 00:15:45

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drawing phasor diagram


i have a parallel rlc circuit which seems to be inductive with a 1 amp magnitude(?)
the circuit is explained in a post below about rlc circuits in parallel with complex numbers.
i havent drawn a phasor diagram. the capacitor and resistor currents are really low, in the micro amps with the inductor at 1 amp which is the supply current. so i am guessing that the phasor diagram would be the voltage pointing to 3 oclock and the current pointing toward 12 oclock, the voltage would have a magnitude of 10(volts, the supply voltage) and the current would have a magnitude of 1 amp(the supply current).
would this be correct. i have read a few things on the internet but not to sure if i have grasped the idea.




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