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#1 2016-06-23 17:43:37

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Updated "A Pascal's Triangle Hidden Inside The Pascal's Triangle"

Thank you Nehushtan and anonimnystefy for helping me.  Sorry I wasn't able to return to this forum quickly because I was busy with work but I really just want to express my deepest gratitude to both of you.  I couldn't have realized that it was wrong for me to think of decimal digits only with my treatise without your help.  I'm trying to edit my wordpress blog now, this time adding the hidden numbers that I see above the Pascal's triangle. 

With regards to anonimnystefy's previous message, I admit that it's really no different from just a Pascal's triangle multiplied by 1001 but my goal in inserting this starting at the 14th row of the original Pascal's triangle was because I noticed that there are 4-digit palindromic numbers 1001, 2002 and 3003 in the 15th row, and 3003 and 5005 in the 16th and then 8008 in the 17th row, forming a shape of an inverted triangle.  I then wondered why 4004, 6006, 7007 and 9009 are missing in this region of the original Pascal's triangle.   That's why I conjectured that if I placed the 1st palindromic number 1001 on top of 2002 in the original Pascal's triangle and use that 1001 as the border numbers of my inserted Pascal's triangle, I might be able to locate those missing 4-digit palindromic numbers that I mentioned.  So, when I did see the completed 4-digit palindromic numbers in my inserted Pascal's triangle, I just wondered why this is so.  Anyways, thanks for all your help guys and here's my updated blog link: …

Please help me again on this. Kind regards.

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