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26. A car starting from rest traveling along a straight path with uniform acceleration covers S , S and S 1 2 3 dis-
tances in the first, second and third seconds of its travel. Then the ratio of 2 1
3 2
(S S )
(S S )

is _____ .
(A) 3 : 5 (B) 1 : 2 (C) 1 : 3 (D) 1 : 1
27. A man of mass 65 kg is holding a bucket of mass 15 kg. He walks 50 m on a level road at a constant speed
3 m/s and then climbs up a hill of height 20 m. What is the work done by the man ?
(A) 2.05 KJ (B) 3.5 KJ (C) 12 KJ (D) 16 KJ
28. The bob of an oscillating simple pendulum arrives at one of the extreme positions 100 times in 200 sec, then
the time period of the pendulum is ____ s
(A) 2.5 (B) 2 (C) 1.5 (D) 1
29. The electrical energy consumed by a 30 W bulb in 5 minutes is ____
(A) 9000 KJ (B) 9 KJ (C) 9000 MJ (D) 9 MJ
30. The postulates of Bohr’s atomic model is given below. Arrange them in the correct sequence.
(I) As long as the electron revolves in a particular orbit, the elctron does not lose its energy. Therefor, these
orbits are called stationary orbits and the electrons are said to be in stationary energy states
(II) Electrons revolve round the nucleus in specified circular paths called orbits or shells
(III) The energy associated with a certain energy level increases with the increase of its distance from the
(IV) An electron jumps from a lower energy level to a higher energy level by absorbing energy. But when it
jumps from a higher to lower energy level, energy is emitted in the form of electromagentic radiation
(V) Each orbit or shell is associated with a definite amount of energy. Hence these are also called energy levels
and are designated as K, L, M, N respectively
(A) II  V  III  I  IV (B) V  III  II  IV  I
(C) III  I  II  IV  V (D) V  I  III  IV  II
31. Excess intake of O2
by a person results in several ill-effect. Which of the following activites leads to excess
intake of O2
(A) Deep sea diving (B) Mountaineering
(C) Travelling in an aeroplane (D) Walking on the moon
32. Non-stick teflon coated cookwaves are generally recommended to heart patients because
(A) non-stick cookwares do not absorb water (B) non-stick cookwares do not absorb oil
(C) non-stick cookwares cook faster (D) non-stick cookwares are biodegradable
33. Which cell organelle plays a crucial role in detoxifying many poisons and drugs in a cell?
(A) Golgi apparatus (B) Lysosomes
(C) Smooth endoplasmic reticulum (D) Vacuoles

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Re: Physics

1. Please specify and systematically categorize this before we attempt to solve it..

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