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#1 2017-01-24 09:26:47

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Who lives in the city?

Unless I've make an unforeseen mistake, I believe I've found an alternative solution to this puzzle which follows the puzzle's rules but arrives at a different solution than what's posted on the website.  In other words, based on the clues/rules provided for this puzzle, there is more than one solution, as it stands.  Here is my solution:

                            1st               2nd            3rd        4th        5th
name                           Bob            Rachael    Keeley      Eilish        Amy
age                            81                  21         52         46          14
TV prgm                 Simpsons      corrie    Desp Hsv    neighbrs    eastendrs
lives in                     FARM        YH            VILLAGE       CITY       town
hairstyle                     straight      long    AFRO               bald        curly
country dest             australia      italy    Africa       england    FRANCE

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#2 2017-01-27 00:49:43

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Re: Who lives in the city?

Hi josh22312, and welcome to the forum!

Your solution is correct. It is one of two solutions to the puzzle with its current revised wording, which was a failed attempt in June 2012 to produce a single-solution version after it was discovered that the original wording had multiple solutions.

Puzzles like this typically have just one solution, and the fact that there are more has attracted quite a bit of discussion on the forum in several threads.

Here is a link to the most recent discussion. It also contains the latest revision (see below), to which there is only one solution. It was first posted 3 Feb 2013, here, but hasn't made its way to MIF's puzzle page.

  1. The person in the middle watches Desperate Housewives
  2. Bob is 46
  3. The person who watches the Simpsons is next to the person who lives in a youth hostel
  4. The person going to Africa is behind Rachael
  5. The person who lives in a village is 52
  6. The person who is going to Australia has straight hair
  7. The person travelling to Africa watches Desperate Housewives
  8. The 14-year-old is at the end of the queue
  9. Amy watches Eastenders
10. Eilish doesn't live on a farm
11. The person heading to Italy has long hair
12. Keeley lives in a village
13. The 46-year-old is bald
14. The fourth in the queue is going to England
15. The people who watch Desperate Housewives & Neighbours are standing next to each other
16. The person who watches Coronation Street stands next to the person with an afro
17. The 21-year-old lives in a youth hostel
18. The person who watches Corrie has curly hair
19. The 81-year-old isn't going to England
20. The person who is travelling to France lives in a town
21. A person next to Rachael has an afro
22. The person who watches Neighbours has long hair

Maybe you'd like to try it! smile

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#3 2018-08-06 02:09:08

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Re: Who lives in the city?

wow! So, interesting. I like such logical tasks) I\ll give this to my younger brother)

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