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#1 2017-06-06 17:39:55

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Pi Day maath Puzzle

Dear Math is fun Team,

i have a pi puzzle  (actually a pie day puzzle)which i cant solve. I hope you can help me with this .

The Hint for this puzzle is

[Puzzle]: [ Put some dozen Pies in your shopping cart,
check them all out and you pay only the integer part of the total price.
Don`t forget counting your money before paying! ]
(check, integer, counting, failure)

At the Endresult must be some coordinates for example like this:

N 39° 52.935` E 116° 24.397`

Dozens of Pies is the headline. So i think it is about the digit pi.

The name pie is just a metaphor for pi.

Prize for one pie is pi
And you only count only integer number
So i started like this dozens of pi
x *12 * pi = 37.6991118431  (multiple of Pi * 12)

But the i dont now how to continue.
The endresult must be some coordinates for example
N 39° 52.935' E 116° 24.397'

Can u please help me to solve it ?

Kind regards philip


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