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#1 2018-07-29 18:16:20

Zeeshan 01
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Question : 1  It takes John 30 minutes to mark a paper, Bob only takes 25 minutes to mark a paper, if
they both start marking a paper at 11:00 AM, what is the first time they will finish marking
a paper at same time?

Question 2: Of two kinds of alloy , silver and copper are contained in one in the ratio of 5:1 and in the other in the ratio of 7:2 . What weights of the two alloys should be melted and mixed together so as to make up a 5 lb mass with 80% of silver?

Question 3  :An alloy contains copper and zinc in the ratio of 5:3 and another alloy contains copper and tin in the ratio 8:5 . If equal weights of both alloys are melted together find the weight of tin in the resulting alloy per kg?

Question 4 : The average daily temperature from 9th January to 16th January (both inclusive) was 38.6 degree and that from the 10th to 17th January (inclusive) was 39.2 degree . What was the temperature on 17th January?

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