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#1 2019-09-10 10:49:39

Hannibal lecter
Registered: 2016-02-11
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what is the meaning of car usage ?

hi what is the meaning by the car usage ?
it's the first time I heard about that
for example
( car usage 10,000 mile per year )

what is that mean? is it power of the car? is that an option for the car or what is it?
or is it the rank of the fuel ?
please help ..

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#2 2019-09-10 19:36:59

bob bundy
Registered: 2010-06-20
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Re: what is the meaning of car usage ?

This is just 'How much the car has been used'.  It is measured by saying how many miles are 'on the clock'.  Generally a second hand car will be better if its mileage is lower.


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