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#1 2013-04-24 11:29:37

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Julianthemath's joke 2

Happy birthday, mathgogocart! (We are just going to pretend it is mathgogocart's birthday today) (Why mathgogocart? Look at the hide below)

Friend : Hi, mathgogocart! Happy birthday!
mathgogocart : Thank you, friend!
Friend : You're welcome. I will prepare your gift.
mathgogocart : Okay. I'll be waiting.


Friend : Hi. Here is your gift.
mathgogocart : What?!?!?!? A website? What has to do with a website?
Friend : If you type it, then you will see my present.
mathgogocart : What? It is a gif?

Friend : Yes. Your gift is a gif.

And, mathgogocart recieved many gifs from his friends, aside from gifts.

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