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#26 2013-05-29 00:30:34

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Re: This man in purple.......

Yes, because it is more probable that anyone else will be older than us

'And fun? If maths is fun, then getting a tooth extraction is fun. A viral infection is fun. Rabies shots are fun.'
'God exists because Mathematics is consistent, and the devil exists because we cannot prove it'
'Who are you to judge everything?' -Alokananda

#27 2013-05-29 00:31:42

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Re: This man in purple.......

Hey, I am just joking...why would a 15 yrs boy have a beard..

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Jake is Alice's father, Jake is the ________ of Alice's father?
Why is T called island letter?
think, think, think and don't get up with a solution...

#28 2013-05-29 03:04:57



Re: This man in purple.......

His eyes are also a little bit on the beady side too...

In mathematics, you don't understand things. You just get used to them.
I have the result, but I do not yet know how to get it.
All physicists, and a good many quite respectable mathematicians are contemptuous about proof.

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