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#1 2017-06-15 22:56:58

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An app would have been better


Hope you are reading this message. Your forum has been a great place for Thousands of people for over 10 years. You have done a great job creating a forum to discuss math and science related topics well. However, in today's "smart" world, smartphones are there in hands of everyone including children (though I don't have tongue and have to use my parents').  Mobile apps have become extremely common. Every popular site has their own mobile apps since they are very much handy and it saves the time of people to 1.>Open the browser 2.>Type the address 3>Then go and login. So I would recommend your site and forum to also have a mobile app which would be very handy, and your site will also be popular since more people search the google play or appstore instead of searching on the web for an educational site. You can make apps for 1. MIF site(to learn) 2. Mathopolis(to practice) and 3. MIFF (to discuss). Maybe you can start from the first and then focus on the other 2. Hope you liked the idea. Any comments/suggestion from MIF or any other user welcome please.

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