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#1 2017-09-26 23:44:51

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The Mystery of the Frozen Block of Soda !!!

RAY: Last month, Tommy and I were driving home from the Annual Seat Cover Convention. We stopped for gas along the highway. While our tank was being filled, we went inside to buy ourselves some soft drinks. As we reached inside the fridge to grab our drinks the kid behind the counter-- you know, with the one with the six nose rings-- said, "That machine was on the blink yesterday, and everyone was complaining all day that their sodas weren't cold. So, before I put these sodas in this morning, I cranked that baby up! I turned the thermostat way down. Boy, those suckers ought to be real cold now! I won't get any complaints today, I bet."

Tommy opens his bottle and begins drinking the soda. But when I open my bottle, it was frozen solid. I complained.

What happened?


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