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Problem Solver:  A cat has thirteen kittens.  Eight of the kittens have white hair, six of the kittens have spots, and eight of the kittens have long tails.  All of the kittens have at least one of these traits. One kitten is white with spots and a long tail.  Three of the kittens are white with spots. Two kittens have spots and long tails. One kitten has white hair but does not have spots or a long tail.

a.  Draw a Venn diagram for this problem.  (You can upload a hand-drawn picture or type out the values in all 7 sections of the diagram.)
b.  How many kittens are white with long tails, but don't have spots?

I don’t exactly know how to do this because I keep confusing myself. Could someone please help me solve this problem so that I get a better understanding on how to do this

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Re: Geometry

Hi Carlycan’tdomath03,

Please see the link below:

Venn Diagrams.

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