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#1 Puzzles and Games » Another solution for Zoe Reader's puzzle "Who Lives in the City?" » 2008-07-31 13:20:02

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"Who Lives in the City" is an Einstein puzzle devised by Zoe Reader that's on this site; I found an alternative solution to the one provided. In case someone has not yet posted this alternative solution up (I didn't feel like going through all the posts to see if someone had), here it is:

                                             1                 2                     3                             4                        5
Name                                  Bob              Rachael            Keeley                    Amy                 Eilish
Favourite TV Programme      Neighbors     Coronation St.   Desp. Housewives    Eastenders        Simpsons
Destination                          France          Italy                 Africa                      England            Australia
Where They Live                  Town            Farm                Village                     Youth Hostel     City
Age                                     46               81                    52                           21                    14
Hairstyle                              Bald            Long                 Afro                        Curly                Straight

It is the same as the original solution except for the following:
Bob's favourite TV programme is "Neighbors" rather than "The Simpsons"
Rachael is 81 and lives on a farm
Amy is 21 and lives in a youth hostel
Eilish's favourite TV programme is "The Simpsons" rather than "Neighbors"

You can see how they match up...

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