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#1 2017-08-30 22:48:58

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Random concept, from operators to infinitely packed branes

My mind flow just recently:

What if numbers are just infinitely precise descriptions of lines and curves?

Then we run out of operations. New numbers are just combination of lines.

Combinations? You mean, some percentage of both together? No! That percentage is a number. So curve amount of curves, curve percentage, of curve amount of curves.

Number of curves is also another curve.

All the previous is one statement. Number of statements is also a curve.

And why curves? why not planes, cubes... oh.... infinitely dimensional branes.

And because a number is now brane of brane of brane of brane... -thing they are infinitely referencing each other by brane of brane of brane... value for brane of brane of brane... oh my god. It's infinity all over place.

So... every number is this god-brane whichof talking about we get no-where starting no-where ending recursions to describe other such recursions...

Ok boys, this is interesting but feels completely useless, and it makes me insane.
I love math.

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