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#1 Re: This is Cool » Magic Triangle » 2021-05-28 04:28:08

Thanks Bob. Only I don't understand complicated math. My humble brain can only understand, 92,47, and 38 are really remarkable numbers. Not only they are interlinked with each other, but such numbers also can be produced from the Prime Number. It's a challenge for the mathematician to produce something like it.
Thank you for your responses.

#2 Re: This is Cool » Magic Triangle » 2021-05-27 16:02:51

You are a genius Bob. No. I can't make other samples.  I thought it's just regular three numbers. But when I learned about the connections, they are beautifully composed. But one thing I notice (my sample). In Cross-connection, The combination number of the differentials is 211. The prime no. 47 is 211.
Also, The prime no: 92 is 479 and 47 - 9 = 38 ----again we find 92-47-38.
Thank you for working on it. That is amazing.

#3 This is Cool » Magic Triangle » 2021-05-26 14:38:48

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Hi all, I am not an expert in math. But I found something interesting. Please see the images.

- What do you call these number connections?
- Has someone ever found this triangle connection before?

Thanks in advance.

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