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#1 Re: Help Me ! » Mathematics Exam Scores » 2022-08-03 09:46:33

mathland wrote:
Bob wrote:

Following post 8. Sorry for the slow reply but I've been away and out of touch with my laptop.

1. What can I do to help make this site a great place for students and for people that love math?

You've joined and become a regular.  That's a good start.  See also other answers below.

2. Can I post math practice problems in the Exercise section?


3. Would you like me to help answer questions that are not beyond my level in the forums?

Again, certainly.  There are no rules about this (except courtesy etc of course)

4. How many tutors here actually help with math questions?

I've never counted.  Nobody is paid to help on this site.  We just do it because we enjoy it.  Some folk just chip in occasionally.  Others are more regular contributors.

5. Are you the main math helper here?

Again , who is counting?  If I see an unanswered question that I can do then I'll try to help.  If someone else has already answered then I'll only post if I feel I can add something useful.  If I'm not sure about a topic then I'll wait and hope to learn something myself from a poster who can help, or send to the resource as as for law assignments..  In a few rare cases, when no one else has answered at all I might do some research and see if I can figure out what is needed.  I have had a few long 'conversations' with posters where we have worked together towards an answer.

6. When will this site include Calculus 3 lessons? How about Linear Algebra lessons?

Don't know ... I wouldn't recommend 'holding your breath while you wait'.  MathsIsFun himself started with the teaching site and Mathopolis.  Then he created the forum for folk like us to talk maths.  Largely he leaves us to it as he is busy making a science site.

I'm in the UK and I'm not even sure what's in Calculus 3.  I did linear algebra in my first year at University .. didn't enjoy it much and was glad when we were given options for later years.

If you post something specific I'll have a go but see 5 above. 

In looking back to find which post number your questions came from I see you had earlier questions too.  So here goes with them:

1. Are you a math professor?

Ha ha!  No.  After University I taught maths in UK 11-18 schools for many years.

4. What do you think about my passion for math at 55 about to be 56?

Well it will help to keep your brain active.  smile   I'm a tad older than that.  I cannot restore a Rubik cube in a few seconds but I do know the underlying maths for why the various methods work and how you can create new tricks with the colours.  At the moment I'm trying to get my head around contour integration.  There's a long standing and never solved question in amongst the posts that I still have hopes of solving one day.


I see the Fonz quote in your signature.  I like Happy Days, too. Let's try to enhance MIF as best we can. Not too much interaction here but maybe this will change over time. I will post lots of practice questions when time allows.

I was interested in this user with a bunch of tasks that he sent and I think to practice on them. But I do not understand why it was necessary to start such a discussion in the help section.

#2 Introductions » Hi » 2022-08-03 07:09:35

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Hi all, I'm having a hard time with math, so I'm looking for different ways to learn it. So I decided to join here for a new experience.

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