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Quantum Consciousness, Perception and Reality. - An Article

Hi everyone,
This was originally an article I wrote for my school year book, but my teacher says it's a bit too dull and picture less and they don't have space already, so I guess I will share it here.

Quantum Consciousness, Perception and Reality. Rather than covering the whole field, which would most probably turn the yearbook into a bible, I will stick to my own view and some theories to back it up.           
We perceive only what our senses tells us. For example, we can perceive “light” (The visible spectrum) but not radio waves. Some, we cannot perceive directly at all, like a neutrino or an atom. The brain uses what we can perceive to build up a model of the world, this is our reality. Our? As in mine and yours? Is everyone’s perception of reality the same? We don’t share the same brain. Right?

Reality. Things are not always what they seems to be, I believes that reality is just an illusion, we live in a stimulator – The brain. What we perceive is what we believe. “When truth is blurred by lies and misinformation, perception becomes reality and all is lost”. Our “consciousness” uses what our brain perceive to build an unreliable, illusional model of the world. Given that we build our reality on unreliable interpretations of illusionary data, what can we find out about the underlying reality? The reason we will never know is because we are using the flawed models to study their own flaws. “Is your red the same as my red?” – Steven Michael. The answer is we don’t know. We all have different brains and they are all not the same. My red could be your blue. Unless I could get into your brain I will never know. Think about it, is this what you think it is? What you’re holding, what you’re reading, what you’re interpreting is this all “reality” and is what you see the same as what others see?

The Quantum Mind. As I said earlier, I would state some theories to back up my claim of what reality really is. Since we cannot know anything about the “underlying reality” behind the world of our senses, we therefore have no evidence that such reality exits. Which means it therefore doesn’t exists? Or does it? The only reality worth researching is quantum reality, it can be predicted, measured and tested (accordingly to Bell’s Theorem). The others are open to philosophical speculations, which would get us nowhere. Bell’s theorem is a famous theorem known for drawing an important distinction between Quantum Mechanics and the world described by Classical Mechanics. Bell’s Theorem stated that: “No physical theory of local realism can ever reproduce all of the predictions of Quantum Mechanics.” Quantum mechanical phenomena such as superposition and quantum entanglement, may play an important role in the function of the brain, and could be the form of an explanation for consciousness. Quantum superposition describes the manner in which quantum particles appear to exit in all states simultaneously and Quantum Entanglement however, is the entanglement of a pair of particles such that the quantum state of each particle must subsequently be described relative to each other. Quantum Theory has been particularly intriguing physicist eager to provide a physical explanation of consciousness. Consciousness is unlikely to arise from the classical properties of matter. Quantum Theory however, allows a new concept of matter in which consciousness can arise from the biological brain.

Conclusion : How can we be certain that the universe around us actually exits and all those big name theories are right if reality is just an illusionary model of “reality” made by our brain? We are using flawed models to study their own flaws. We might never know the truth, why must we? Curiosity.

Electromagnetic Spectrum – The electromagnetic spectrum is the range of possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.
Quantum Mechanics – A fundamental theory of matter and energy that explains facts that previous physical theories were unable to account for like why matter displays both wave like and particle like properties.
Classical Mechanics –The branch of mechanics based on Newton’s laws of motion.

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