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#1 2020-11-27 03:15:58


We need help building an app that will help you study better

Hello everyone!

We’re a team of ex Imperial College students developing a game-changing app that helps students with school-related stuff: understanding something confusing, nailing your exams, managing anxiety, getting motivated to work, etc.

Everything in the app is fully personalised, because each of us is unique in the way we learn. We’re essentially like Netflix suggestions, but for study tips and learning resources!

How do you feel about helping us achieve that? We will ask you a few questions on how you study and your feedback will help make the app better for you and the others! The cool bit? You will find out what’s your learning style and get exclusive access to the newest version of the app.

If you’re interested, send us an email at, saying you’d like to join the INSPIRE program!

ADMIN NOTE: I have been unable to verify that this is genuine.  Suggest you wait until I can confirm this post. Bob

Additional:  I have been in contact with the lead designer and she has suggested this link:

There is also a facebook page.  Bob

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