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#1 2021-05-10 22:25:07

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Detect, Deter, Report

I have put on many different hats in terms of employment through the years. I was sub teacher for 8 years, a math tutor for grades 1 to 8 for a few years, in the Navy, etc. On that list of work experience security guard stands out. I have been working security for about 15 years. My main duty is to detect, deter, and report.

About two months ago, I reported that my property was messed with: damaged shoes, brown paint (sticky, smelly stuff all over my bags, shoes, etc). So, I reported the incident to the person in charge of Facilities Operations. I was asked if I saw anyone in the area where my property was damaged. I saw two cleaners in Legal Administrative Services. This is the area where the guards working for the lawfirm keep their personal items. Unfortunately for the cleaners, they were removed from floors 25 and 29 after more than 20 years in the lawfirm. They were not terminated but reassigned to bathroom detail, which is the pits.

Coworkers of the two cleaners in question are upset with me for reporting them to the managers. Well, it is my job to report vandalism at the site. Never once did I say that I saw them breaking my property. I simply said they were in the area where the incident took place.

After reviewing the floor cameras, it was discovered that the two cleaners in question were the only two employees to enter floor 25 on that day. What further evidence do we need? Cameras do not lie. In fact, it was a husband/wife team effort. The male cleaner abandoned his floor (29) to meet up with his wife on 25. I saw both of them in an area they were not supposed to be cleaning. I later return on that day to find my property damaged.

1. What would you have done?

2. Why are the cleaners upset with me for reporting that my property was damaged?

3. If you clearly understood the above passage, do you think I was wrong for reporting the two cleaners that were not supposed to be in that area?

4. Do you think it's right for me to get blamed for the fact that both veteran cleaners were removed from the lawfirm and demoted?

5. I did my job: detect, deter, report. How is any of this my fault?



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