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#1 2021-11-19 03:17:31

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Do you think you should waste your time and effort with "players"?

Do you think those who have money should be allowed to waste others' time and effort because they have money?
What does that mean?
When people trade with one another, In general they do "I do this for you, you do that for me", and specifically whatever "this" and "that" is for the specific instance and occasion.
Do you think that when people trade with one another, and they use money to trade, that... matters who has the most money?
2. It matters who can really reduce the time and effort to trade with another up to the point where trade is a fun story with a beginning a middle and an end, that can really happen over and over, in reality?

>Money does not reduce the time and effort for the trade itself, the act of trading with currency has taken the same amount amount of time as it did 100 years ago, did that answer the question?

100 years ago it really was in human timeline 1921...
The economy was booming, ten years later it was not.
Was the act of trading taking the same amount of time and effort between those two times?

>If I am understanding you correctly then the answer does not change just because of how well the economy is doing if we are talking about the act of the trade then it still would have taken the same amount of time without regard to the state of the world

Let's dig deeper player...
Here it is 1921, the economy is booming, there are rich and there are poor, but there is money flowing in the market,
And people can go and buy bread every day if they have the money.

Now it is around ten years later, when the economy is in a bad state, as there is few money flowing in the market, and those who happen to have the money are holding to what they have, as the economy is in a bad state.
And...people in order to buy bread have to line up around stores for hours if needed,
Unless they have REAL money at that time.

Does trade take exactly the same time and effort in exactly the reality that really happened?

Are you sure?
Well, ok waiting for your reply...

1.My Friend, you want the rest from the rest?
2.Ask the rest for the rest, and you will get the rest.
3.Why are you bothering, the rest of us?


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