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What is science?

What kind of entity do we believe science is player?
Science is the mother of learning...and in case you don't understand player
Repetition is the mother of learning in reality, which is why we have to say that...
Science happens over and over in reality, is what it seems to us is the reality of our stories, that remain written down as science over and over as...
Science is where all the fun plays over and over in reality with stories, that we can make sense of in a fun way for us to reality...player...
So that the experiments we do in reality, when we wonder about reality, we can also hope that they can be fun for us to reality...player...
any other way we are afraid science could do nothing else for us in reality, to help us nature hopes its children will listen to the all the fun stories nature had to make before its children existed... that its children don't get lost in their imagination and can't follow reality with their senses in a fun way for them.

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