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#1 2023-06-30 07:29:13

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Hello and a question- has anyone ever started College Algebra age 50s?

Hello, hope everyone is well.

I decided to complete a degree in my 50s and found that college algebra is required. Also an introduction to statistics course with Linux programming (next tackle on to do list)

Most people think I'm nuts for even trying but I'm learning college algebra from scratch. I can do the basic maths based on practical calculations I am familiar with but I don't have enough math vocabulary or basic info yet to make sense...really an interim course would have been better first.

Anyway- has anyone else ever picked it up at my age?

Most people say oh do something else and I'm not getting a lot of encouragement to persist, though I do want to complete my degree.

The college course is proceeding very fast and I'm struggling to lay down the concepts. The tutor just sent me loads of videos when I asked for help, and I'm looking at the 'math is fun' layout now from start to finish.


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