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#1 2018-05-21 15:15:29

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Combustion physics

The flame is not gas, not fluid, not solid, but moving plasma.

However the speed and direction of the plasma is highly influenced by that of reactant and environment.

Examples include ejecting flame, chimney effect and dancing flame in the wind.

It is commonly neglected that the plasma itself prohibits gas diffusion.

So sometimes the combustion is incomplete - the fresh air cannot freely get into the flame and react with the fuel.

And as a flame is loaded above -  a pot on flame. e.g.

this plasma barrier gets stronger, and a complete combustion could turn incomplete.

A flame on candle may not produce black smoke (a sign of incomplete combustion), but will leave black stain at the bottom of some solid above it.

I invented the idea of plasma barrier, or has it already been found? smile



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