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#1 2021-04-21 19:08:25

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Fun Quizzes?

I love fun quizzes. Do you?


#2 2021-04-21 19:59:50

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Re: Fun Quizzes?

hi wingnix

Welcome to the forum.

This is a site for maths lovers so it's an odd opening question you have posed.

Yesterday I had to removed a new member and all traces of that person's initial post because they had linked to a site that appeared to be a quiz site for children but, on closer examination, seemed to be a site set up by paedophiles to groom children.

Cambridge Analytica put a 'personality' quiz on Facebook that was actually intended to increase knowledge of peoples' prejudices in order to spread fake news and fix democratic elections.

So I am very suspicious of what might seem to be a 'fun' quiz.  Let's see what other members make of your question.  Please do not create a link to any site until I have had an opportunity to check it out.

ONE DAY LATER EDIT:  This member had done exactly what I feared and tried to post the link again, so it has become necessary to ban the member.  Genuine members can help to two ways: (1) Be very wary about clicking any link in a new post. (2) Report links so they can be checked by mods or admin.


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