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#1 2022-07-25 00:33:18

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My name is John (AT&T sounds better).

I decided to sign up because of

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May I place a some kind of a definition of Simple sentence here. It will be a speculation. Nothing sensible.
I will understand if I may not.



#2 2022-07-25 00:41:30

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Re: Hi

Hi John,

Welcome to the forum!

Simple sentence: a sentence having only one clause, as I saw her the day before yesterday.

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#3 2022-07-25 02:53:11

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Re: Hi

Hi AT&T,

And a welcome from me too.

Isn't your username the name of a company?

Simple sentence: The cat sat on the mat.

[Subject] [verb] [object]

A simple sentence with a subordinate clause added might be:

The cat, whose name is Tiger, sat on the mat.


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#4 2022-07-25 05:44:06

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Re: Hi

Hi, ganesh,


Hi, Bob,

Yes, my username is the same as the company. IT&T would be a good one too, I think.

ganesh said:
"Simple sentence: a sentence having only one clause, as I saw her the day before yesterday."

On the other hand, someone can take "see", the verb, as a connection (Lucien Tesnière, Dependency grammar) of "I" and "her".
And, maybe, there is a connection that connects the Speaker and the verb "see".

Thank you for your warm welcome,


#5 2022-07-29 20:08:49

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Re: Hi

Hello John(or AT&T as per your moniker),
Welcome aboard. And glad to see your interest in linguistics. And may I say that Lucien Tesnière appears to be quite the shrewd man with his foundational work on syntax. I've learned something new today. As for IT&T, there's something close, ITT which is not a telecommunications company, but rather a manufacturing company based in Stamford, Connecticut.
Interesting logo, too.
The logo of the manufacturing company based in Stamford, Connecticut

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