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Interesting Software Tools for Computer Math

Today 666bro sent me an email asking

666bro wrote:

I'm intended to learn mathematical softwares especially open source one which is the good one to start with?

Here is what I wrote back:

Here are some tools you could try learning. They are related to mathematics but they are very very different things.

(1) R for statistics: This is a useful tool for making plots and graphs for your data.
(2) Sage for computer algebra: This is a swiss army knife tool - equivalent to mathematica. Tutorial should give you some idea of what you can do with it.
(3) Lean for verified proofs: In Lean, you can write the proof of a theorem and get the computer to check that your proof is correct. Check out Learning Lean and especially the "Natural Numbers Game".
(4) Z3: Z3 is a general purpose reasoning tool that can be used to solve puzzles or check large scale formulas written in a certain language. Tutorial

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