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#1 2023-08-29 16:30:01

Jai Ganesh
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Buying Quotes - II

Buying Quotes - II

1. When I was a teenager in New York, I was buying antique clothes. I still am. - Barbra Streisand

2. The explosion in access to mobile phones and digital services means that people everywhere are contributing vast amounts of information to the global knowledge warehouse. Moreover, they are doing so for free, just by communicating, buying and selling goods and going about their daily lives. - Ban Ki-moon

3. I rely on myself very much. I just think that you have an instinct and you go with it. Especially when it comes to deal-making and buying things. - Donald Trump

4. Sometimes I can't stop myself from buying things just because I see them - even when I don't really need them. - Angela Merkel

5. We can stop the cycle of animal homelessness and save lives by opening our hearts and homes to a loving cat or dog from an animal shelter instead of buying animals from breeders or pet shops. - Amy Jackson

6. Farz' proved to be a flop for the first 10 weeks. I remember buying tickets worth Rs 5000 myself, just so the film would run in theatres longer. And in the 11th week the film miraculously picked up and ran for 50 weeks! - Jeetendra

7. I can never forget the thrill of buying my first Fiat. - Jeetendra

8. I don't think of the future too much. I am not very practical, I am a very emotional woman. My heart rules my life, not the mind. I don't crave anything apart from buying a really good car. I am not greedy for anything in life. - Roopa Ganguly

9. Filmstars endorse beauty products, which at times they might not even use. We endorse the product and make innocent people in India spend their money on buying the same products. - Poonam Dhillon

10. My ideal relaxation is working on upholstry. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it's like therapy. - Pamela Anderson.


It appears to me that if one wants to make progress in mathematics, one should study the masters and not the pupils. - Niels Henrik Abel.

Nothing is better than reading and gaining more and more knowledge - Stephen William Hawking.


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