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Jai Ganesh
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Captain Quotes - VII

Captain Quotes - VII

1. I began my journey as a captain when I was just 21-22 and leading the Indian side for so many years has helped me also grow as a person. My growth as a person pretty much has happened on the ground along with teammates. - Mithali Raj

2. Responsibility makes a player better. I was made the captain of Maharashtra senior team when I was 16 or 17. I know how to take the team forward. I had been through the responsibilities. - Smriti Mandhana

3. You have to think for your team-mates and give them positive response. Whatever happens as a captain you have to take the responsibility. Backing my team-mates and supporting them was the biggest learning. - Ajinkya Rahane

4. As a cricketer and captain, the lowest has the 2013 World Cup as it happened in India. Being the host team, we couldn't qualify for the Super Six and it was a big platform to do well and showcase women's cricket. - Mithali Raj

5. Having captained India for long, it is habitual to discuss with my mates and assess the bowling changes, the bowling changes, the field setting that the opposing captain would do. - Mithali Raj

6. As a captain and as a player I wanted to lead the team well and score runs, because I know the team still depends on me very much. - Mithali Raj

7. As a captain you probably take it more personally when the team doesn't have as much success as you would like, which probably just makes me work harder. - Michael Clarke

8. To be able to say I am an Ashes-winning captain... just hearing those words and saying them myself is pretty special. - Steve Smith

9. I've always dreamt of playing in a shield final with NSW and to win it and to be captain of the side, it's a great thrill. - Steve Smith

10. I didn't want to be captain, I wanted to have more free time. I didn't want that added pressure at that particular time, but they actually insist, insist, insist, so I said OK. So I thought, just get on with it. - Chris Gayle

11. Obviously, you feel good when the skipper believes in you, considers you as main player. It boosts your confidence because your captain is showing confidence on you. - Ravindra Jadeja

12. I am extremely honoured to have been promoted to the rank of Captain. I would like to reaffirm my commitment for serving the people and the call of duty towards mother India. - Anurag Thakur

13. I'll ensure that I go out there and enjoy my cricket and enjoy being captain of India. - Anil Kumble

14. An Indian captain is a friend, guide, philosopher to the players under him. Anil Kumble

15. Adaptability is one of the biggest strengths that I have. To make decisions on the field, try and convince my captain to change fields, try and make him give that extra couple of overs. - Ravichandran Ashwin

16. I don't think expectations will change as a player or as a captain. We have discussions and people who have played the game for long definitely express their views in a team meeting and I don't see that changing much. But the expectations would be to ensure that we are consistent. - Anil Kumble.


It appears to me that if one wants to make progress in mathematics, one should study the masters and not the pupils. - Niels Henrik Abel.

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