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#1 2023-08-27 22:52:46

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Is the photo editing profession going to leave the job market?

Hi everyone! As I am engaged in photo processing, I have recently encountered neural networks like ChatGPT and similar neural networks. For example, skylum See how the neural network pulls out small details and makes them clear. Earlier I sat for an hour, but now it's just two clicks. Do you think the profession of photographer will disappear altogether? And like other similar ones, where neural networks can replace human labor.


#2 2023-11-23 20:18:17

From: Aleppo-Syria
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Re: Is the photo editing profession going to leave the job market?

The way I, a realistic rational person, see it is that every neural network is created by the human's brain.
Therefore, these neural networks cannot be made cleverer than their human creators though some creators try their best to give the world the impression they are, at least in some fields (while in reality they are not). They are just advanced tools which speed up the world's progress for the good and bad as well.

Anyway, if it is possible someday to make something more intelligent than the human's brain then the human up-to-date profession in every field, not only of photographer, will disappear altogether smile

For instance, the profession of photographer has now a chance to achieve new things by the use of new advanced tools; things which were impossible to make/create in the past.

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Every living thing has no choice but to execute its pre-programmed instructions embedded in it (known as instincts).
But only a human may have the freedom and ability to oppose his natural robotic nature.
But, by opposing it, such a human becomes no more of this world.


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