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#2 Re: Help Me ! » series of questions » 2023-05-07 00:30:32

i've understood the equivalence classes and surjective function with examples and i'm having a query related to taylor expansion
in taylor series approximation what does the error term means and for what purposes this error term is used ? explain with an example .

#4 Help Me ! » series of questions » 2023-05-05 22:07:20

666 bro
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hello everyone i'm revising the entire high school mathematics as a prerequisite for learning discrete mathematics so i'm having slight confusion in the following topics
(1):What does equivalence class refers to and explain with an example?
(2):  how to prove a function whether its a surjective mathematically?

#5 Re: Euler Avenue » What do you think is the worst way to learn mathematics? » 2022-10-25 00:07:46

Agnishom wrote:

What do you think is the worst way to learn mathematics?

I think worst way to learn mathematics is not developing encouraging mindset within students or learners  which results in hatred/dislike of the subject what do i believe is that math is like a language in which one could build things by using ,understanding the systems using it.Im currently pursuing bachelors in statistics and mathematics , there are many mistakes that i've commited while learning mathematics and best way to learn mathematics is through understanding and observing the mistakes.

#9 Re: Help Me ! » textbook on statistics » 2022-08-09 05:50:35

Yes now I'm studying statistics and mathematics at university and in free time i write funny programs on  r.
R is  open source statistical software which is beneficial for data analysis. But thinking about research in mathematical statistics.

#10 Re: Help Me ! » textbook on statistics » 2022-08-04 04:49:42

Mathegocart wrote:

Hey 666 bro,
I'd recommend the book Statistical Inference(ISBN-13:978-0534243128) by George Casella and Roger L. Berger. Statistics is quite the varied field and there's not one generally accepted view on how to approach it. But the book Statistical Inference is comprehensive, robust, and remarkably understandable.

thanks Mathegocart i'll have a look on that book.

#11 Help Me ! » textbook on statistics » 2022-08-01 07:28:36

666 bro
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I'm studying statisitcs in my college and i was looking for a references especially for random variables and inferences.
Would you prefer a textbook which helps to understand the same?

#15 Help Me ! » z scores » 2022-05-06 05:19:51

666 bro
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while learning about normal distribution in probability theory
i came across standard normal distribution and my questions are:
(1): why do we use standard normal distribution?
(2): real world applications of normal disrtibution?
(3): difference between z score and standard normal distribution?

#19 Help Me ! » Probability theory » 2022-04-21 12:57:24

666 bro
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the weak law of large numbers and the law of large numbers are different concepts ?
what are the simiarities between them?

#22 Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » Mathematicians » 2022-03-23 15:34:40

666 bro
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I'm interested to know about mathematicians and particularly about their academic life.
Sometimes I feel that my grades aren't enough to be a mathematician . Would you tell me  that there are any great mathematicians who were average students at college?

#25 Re: Dark Discussions at Cafe Infinity » What interesting apps/webapps have you come across recently? » 2022-02-07 04:55:07

Agnishom wrote:

What is NCTM KenKen? I couldn't find it by a google search

i think kenken is  math puzzle which teaches basic arithmetic and it looks similar to the sudoku

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