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#1 2021-12-02 12:00:27

Hannibal lecter
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simple linear formula problem

A company rents cars at $40 a day and 15 cents a mile.
Its competitor’s cars are $50 a day and 10 cents a mile.

a) For each company, give a formula for the cost of
renting a car for a day as a function of the distance

answer :

C1(m) = 40 + 0.15m
C2(m) = 50 + 0.10m

I don't understand why the vertical intercept is 40 in formula c1 and c2
the company rent 15 cents a mile
and the other 10 cents a mile
so as a graph it should start from zero
what is the meaning of $40 and $50 here?
is it the value of you rent the car without miles? or what
the $40 and $50 is vertical intercept for the equation this prices is for rent a car of a day so it's a relationship between cost and days not cost and distance?

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#2 2021-12-02 13:41:49

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Re: simple linear formula problem


Please see the link: Systems of Linear Equations.

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