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#1 2022-10-02 19:11:39

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Image test 2

Hi Bob;

I thought I'd keep this going, even though the other thread is closed.

We've done a fair bit of work on this and maybe it's worth trying my latest finding, so that, if we're successful (hope against hope!), we have the solution for anyone who needs it.

Sorry to bother you further after the disappointing direction this episode has taken and just leave it if you'd rather, but maybe still keep my thread open in case someone else takes an interest in it later.


This is what I wrote on the other thread:

Bob wrote:

I'm using Android.  Tried all sorts of image sharing but have yet to get the bcc version. Elsewhere on the help it says bcc is not an option for mobiles

This is from a Quora post:
"Unfortunately there is no option to upload photos to imgur using your phones web browser because they want you to download their app. But some mobile browsers (like Chrome) have an option for you to view the desktop version of a website. If you select this option, it will load imgur as it would on your desktop PC and you can upload images that way."

Here's a link to some info on enabling/disabling the desktop version view on a range of browsers: How to View Desktop Version of Any Site on Mobile.

Maybe the desktop view gives the ability to copy the url of the actual image (ie, one with an image extension) instead of an imgur web page?

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#2 2022-10-02 20:46:18

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Re: Image test 2


Yay! I've done this totally on my phone.

For others I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A21 s and Chrome.
The settings icon was a square of horizontal stripes (wish there was a standard symbol for this!) but the rest was as that article said.

Cannot set desktop mode from their app  it has to be Chrome.

Thanks Phro.

Best wishes   Bob

LATER EDIT. This thread follows on from a series of attempts to enable posters to get images into a MIF forum post.  To save members looking it up I'll repeat the steps here. I've 'stuck' the topic at the start of Help Me.

You cannot, unfortunately, upload directly to the forum.  So you need to sign up to an image hosting site. My own preference is

It seems to be well moderated and I haven't uncovered any harmful content there.

Using either a laptop or a mobile you can upload your image. Then you need the bcCode for the image. The desktop version of imgur will provide this.

The format is like this:


On a mobile you can use their app to upload images but they haven't (yet) implemented bbCode on the app.  However, if you log in via Chrome and follow the method provided by Phrontister you can view the desktop version of Imgur and that does allow you to get the Code.

Hope you find this helpful.

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