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#1 2023-07-17 17:36:07

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Simple Trigonometry question

Hi Guys
I just joined the forum.
Is there a simple Trig function to work out the Opposite dimension of a benchtop when I only know the Angle, and the Adjacent dimension.
For example, when I need to work out a benchtop. most of them are on 45° walls which means the bisected angle is 22.5°
We always know the adjacent dimension which is the benchtop depth and is usually 600mm deep.
When I am on site measuring, I need a quick way to work out the Opposite dimension IE the void at the back to the wall.
When I only know the Adjacent dimension and the angle.
If somebody could explain to me in simple english how I input this into a calculator, I would be very grateful.
Sorry for the really dumb question, but this has been bugging me for ages.
Thanks for any Help


#2 2023-07-25 00:50:07

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Re: Simple Trigonometry question


Welcome to the forum.

Is there a simple Trig function to work out ...

Yes, I'm sure there is. But I'm finding it difficult to imagine a diagram for what you are describing.  If you can provide one then great, or if that's proving technologically tough, perhaps you could describe the set up in words and I'll try to make a diagram.  Start with something like ABCD is the rectangular top of a horizontal benchtop. It is fixed to the wall at .......... Angle ??? is ????? and so on.


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