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#1 2023-11-15 01:57:53

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bbcode help


Note: I was surprised to discover that this page has always existed elsewhere on the forum but I could not find a way to make it easy to find nor could I edit it.  So I have copied the whole text to a new post and put it here. I am in the process of editing the original  so that it is fully user friendly.  At the moment the results of codes appear twice rather showing how to get an effect. It'll take me a while to modify all of these so they display properly but the smilies at the bottom are all done. New smilies will be added as I 'find' them. If you find more then you can reply to this post with what you have discovered.  I will add to the list and then delete your post.  This is so the thread does not become over long like the LaTex thread.  My thanks to amnkb for the original suggestion.

BBCode is a collection of formatting tags that are used to change the look of text in this forum. BBCode is based on the same principal as, and is very similar to, HTML. Below is a list of all the available BBCodes and instructions on how to use them.

Administrators have the ability to enable or disable BBCode. You can tell if BBCode is enabled or disabled out in the left margin whenever you post a message or edit your signature.

BBCode commands start with a command in square brackets and must be terminated with / then the command also in square brackets.

For example you can achieve bold text like this:

[b]bold text[/b]

Text style
The following tags change the appearance of text:

b  produces Bold text                   Bold text

u produces Underlined text           Underlined text

i produces Italic text                     Italic text

s produces Strike-through text      Strike-through text

del produces Deleted text            Deleted text

ins produces Inserted text            Inserted text

em produces Emphasised text      Emphasised text

color = #FF0000 produces  red text         Red text

color = blue produces Blue text               Blue text

Many other colours are also possible. I'll leave you to experiment.

h produces Heading text                         

Heading text

Links and images
You can create links to other documents or to email addresses using the following tags:

Math Is Fun Forum produces Math Is Fun Forum produces

This help page produces This help page produces

My email address produces My email address

[topic=1]Test topic[/topic] produces Test topic

[topic]1[/topic] produces

[post=1]Test post[/post] produces Test post

[post]1[/post] produces

[forum=1]Test forum[/forum] produces Test forum

[forum]1[/forum] produces

[user=2]Test user[/user] produces Test user

[user]2[/user] produces

If you want to display an image you can use the img tag. The text appearing after the "=" sign in the opening tag is used for the alt attribute and should be included whenever possible.

FluxBB bbcode test produces FluxBB bbcode test

If you want to quote someone, you should use the quote tag.

James wrote:

This is the text I want to quote.

produces a quote box like this:

James wrote:
This is the text I want to quote.

If you don't want to quote anyone in particular, you can use the quote tag without specifying a name.

This is the text I want to quote.

produces a quote box like this:

This is the text I want to quote.

Note: If a username contains the characters [ or ] you can enclose it in quote marks.

When displaying source code you should make sure that you use the code tag. Text displayed with the code tag will use a monospaced font and will not be affected by other tags.

This is some code.

produces a code box like this:

This is some code.
To create a list you can use the list tag. You can create 3 types of lists using the list tag.

[*]Example list item 1.[/*]
[*]Example list item 2.[/*]
[*]Example list item 3.[/*]
produces a bulleted list.

Example list item 1.

Example list item 2.

Example list item 3.

[*]Example list item 1.[/*]
[*]Example list item 2.[/*]
[*]Example list item 3.[/*]
produces a numbered list.

Example list item 1.

Example list item 2.

Example list item 3.

[*]Example list item 1.[/*]
[*]Example list item 2.[/*]
[*]Example list item 3.[/*]
produces an alphabetically labelled list.

Example list item 1.

Example list item 2.

Example list item 3.

Nested tags
BBCode can be nested to create more advanced formatting. For example:

Bold, underlined text produces Bold, underlined text


If you like (and if it is enabled), the forum can convert some smilies to image representations of that smiley. This forum recognizes the following smilies and replaces them with images.

:) and =) produce 


:| and =| produce 


:( and =( produce 


:D and =D produce 


:o and :O produce 


;) produces


:/ produces


:P and :p

produce tongue

:lol: produces


:mad: produces


:rolleyes: produces


:cool: produces


:dizzy produces


:eek  produces


:kiss produces


:roflol produces


:shame produces


:down produces


:up produces


:touched produces


:sleep produces


:wave produces


:swear produces


:tongue produces


:what produces


:faint produces


:dunno produces


My thanks to phrontister for these additions to the original list.   

Bob, 15th November 2023

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Re: bbcode help



#3 2023-11-15 14:21:17

Jai Ganesh
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Re: bbcode help


Thanks for the detailed post, Bob.

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#4 2023-11-15 15:17:26

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Re: bbcode help

Hi Bob;

Great work!

A couple of things:

I'd change

:P and :p

produce tongue


:P and :p produce 


and include

:rolleyes produces 


...and probably also 'BBCode help' instead of 'bbcode help' in the thread title.

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