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#1 2024-06-11 01:50:39

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Has anyone else experienced this kind of obstacle?

I've recently stumbled upon a challenge while working through some math problems and was hoping to get some insights from you all. Despite revisiting the basics and applying different strategies, I seem to hit a wall when trying to solve more complex equations. It's like there's a gap in my understanding that I can't quite bridge. Has anyone else experienced this kind of obstacle? How do you overcome these moments of stagnation and what resources or techniques do you find most helpful in deepening your understanding and solving more advanced problems?


#2 2024-06-11 03:32:41

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Re: Has anyone else experienced this kind of obstacle?

hi StephenDiaz

Welcome to the forum.

Sadly this forum is being effected increasingly by AI generated text.  Your post acheived this result:

98% Probability AI generated

So we have two possibilities:

You're a robot and I'll ignore your post;

You're a human with a genuine request. If the latter I apologise for suspecting you of being a robot.  smile

If you want specific help then post a question.  What you have posted so far is way to vague I'm afraid.


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